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Project partners

We have successfully worked in partnership with many local, national and international organisations, including:

Shell ARM Aker Solutions
Schlumberger Domino Mace
Cambridge Water Scott Wilson MBDA
Audio Analytic Sagentia Mott MacDonald
IUCN Fauna & Flora International TWI
Arthur D. Little Unilever Buro Happold
Cambridge Temperature Concepts BT TTP

What our MoTI Project partners have had to say about us

Scott Wilson have participated in the MoTI scheme for the past two years and we believe it has been a beneficial and rewarding experience for both us and the students. We've been particularly impressed with how quickly the students grasp the purpose of the project we assign them and how much effort and diligence they apply to achieving the objectives. The quality of the work produced in the short timescales allowed has been excellent.
Jeremy Richardson, Head of Climate Change & Policy, Scott Wilson
I've thoroughly enjoyed the engagements my department has had with University of Cambridge Chemical Engineering students performing their MoTI projects. The students are all thoughtful and bright, they work hard and always impress me, my colleagues and my staff. That success reflects upon the quality of students you can attract as well as the effectiveness of your programme and faculty. I'm looking forward to your next project with you.
Matthew Miller, Chemistry Research Director, Schlumberger Cambridge Research
We have repeatedly worked with students from the MoTI programme and have always been very happy with the delivery of the results. For us it has been particularly valuable to have certain market assumptions validated and opportunities uncovered. At the same time I believe that MoTI is a great initiative to give students some experience and insights into entrepreneurial companies. It is always pleasing to hear that after the project some students have been inspired to start their own venture. We already look forward to work with next year's group.
Matthijs van Leeuwen, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, SimuGen
Being able to call upon the skills, resourcefulness and enthusiasm of a team of high calibre Cambridge University students proved to be invaluable for a small start-up company such as Flux Dynamics. The structure of the MoTI project and the resources the students have at their disposal meant it was possible for them to cover a large topic area, in this instance the application of sustainable fuels to motorsports, and produce a concise, well-referenced report in a much shorter time than would have been possible had Flux Dynamics taken on the project in-house. The final body of work and the sources of information uncovered have gone on to be used repeatedly since the project was completed and there is no doubt that we will be looking to submit another MoTI project proposal in the coming academic year.
Andy Burston, Technical Director, Flux Dynamics
Working with the MoTI team has been a straightforward and effective way to obtain original insights in to some tricky business issues. The team was able to rapidly start work on the task they were given and produced a relevant and fresh contribution in a short period of time. I would recommend the use of a MoTI project to any company seeking an alternative and focused analysis of a current challenge.
Fraser Burton, BT Wholesale Portfolio Development, BT
The quality of the students' work was so high that I plan to use their case studies to describe the work Innovation Central does to potential clients.
Gordon Wright, Innovation Consultant, BT Innovation Central
An excellent project with concise, accurate results and conclusions. The standard was of an external funded company.
Paul Pergande, Lab Group Director, Grant Instruments
They used their own thoughts, ideas and personalities to offer suggestions and constructive criticism and delivered excellent results. It was a real pleasure to work with such brilliant young minds.
Tom Mills, Marketing Director, Global Graphics