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Past events

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    Women's Leadership Initiative Debate | Cambridge

    Debate, organised by 2016 MBA student Anvi Shah, on the following topic: “Women’s Leadership Initiatives Disenfranchise Men.”
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    McKinsey Centred Leadership event | Cambridge Smaranda Gosa-Mensin from McKinsey conducted a workshop for MBA and MFin students on the centred leadership style
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    Coffee chat with Amazon | CambridgeEvent with Sarah Rhodes and MJ Wheble of Amazon. Sarah is an ex-F18 fighter pilot who is now leading Amazon, Wales operations. MJ is the international recruiter for Amazon and was accompanying Sarah.
  • 11
    Workshop – How to make an impact: get your voice heard | CambridgeThe conference provided an opportunity for participants (both men and women) to engage through an open and collaborative discussion of tangible actions through which to promote a shared vision of women’s leadership in business, and of how the CJBS Women's Leadership Initiative can support existing gender and equality programmes and projects within and outside CJBS.

  • 19
    CJBS Women's Leadership Initiative Inaugural Conference | CambridgeCo-hosted by the CJBS Women’s Leadership Initiative, this workshop addressed the challenges women face when it comes to getting their voices heard at work. With Esther Stanhope, former "Live" BBC producer and journalist.

Newnham College is hosting life skills sessions to help develop the skills to balance all the different aspects of life - both in College and beyond. Professor Sucheta Nadkarni and Ange Fitzpatrick, both from Cambridge Judge Business School will be speaking as part of the series.

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