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Centre for Risk Studies

The Centre for Risk Studies is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence for the study of the management of economic and societal risks. The Centre's focus is in the analysis, assessment, and mitigation of global vulnerabilities for the advancement of political, business and individual decision makers.


A hub for a growing network of faculty, fellows, associates and students at the University of Cambridge.

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Exploring the issues of understanding and modelling catastrophes, within our mission for promoting societal and economic resilience.

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We run an active programme of events in which academics, business leaders and other stakeholders discuss risk management issues.

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The Risk Prize

Our annual competition in conjunction with McKinsey & Company for the best submission on risk management by a current University of Cambridge masters or PhD student.

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Risk Summits

Bringing together leaders and decision makers from business, government, intergovernmental organisations, academia and NGOs to explore topics on risk.

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Latest news & insight

Cyber risks

The loss of sensitive information gets all the headlines, but lesser-known threats from cyber attacks also deserve attention, say risk experts at …

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Severe space weather

The daily US economic cost from solar storm-induced electricity blackouts could total more than $40 billion, with more than half the loss …

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Heightened risk ahead for the world

Report “Cambridge Global Risk Index 2017” released by the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge. The risk of major shocks to …

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Learn about our innovative research programme into systemic risk: the impact of macro-catastrophes on the global networks and systems that underpin modern society.

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