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Seminar – To Replicate or to Renew Your Business Model? The Performance Effects in Dynamic Environments

12:30 - 14:00

Professor Henk Volberda, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Despite the rise in research on business models, there is little systematic evidence on how environmental dynamism influences the performance effects of two types of business model innovation, i.e. business model replication and business model renewal. In this paper, we introduce a conceptual distinction between these two types of business model innovation. Furthermore, we conceptualise how both types are related to firm performance, and how environmental dynamism moderates those relationships. Based on a large-scale cross-industry survey we find that environmental dynamism weakens the positive effect of business model replication on firm performance. Business model renewal contributes stronger to firm performance in environments characterised by intermediate and high levels of dynamism compared to relative stable settings, i.e. low levels of environmental dynamism. These findings indicate that environmental dynamism is a key contextual variable in the relationship between business model innovation and firm performance.



The New Leadership: On the Challenge of Building a Trustworthy & Pro-Active Work Culture

17:15 - 19:00

Professor David De Cremer, Cambridge Judge Business School

Please join us on Monday 13 April as Cambridge Judge Business School welcomes David De Cremer, our new KPMG Professor of Management Studies.

In his inaugural lecture, David will reflect on the challenges leaders face today when it comes down to building trustworthy and pro-active work cultures. Focusing on the difficulties our contemporary management culture brings, he will discuss the kind of leadership that is needed and how this will influence the art of deciding and leading in the future.