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Employment report 2015

MBA 2013/14 achievements


employed three months out


received job offers three months out


switched at least country, function, or industry sector


switched all three


average package salary


different countries

Top employers


A.T. Kearney

Ernst & Young

Fung Group


Schlumberger Business Consulting

Conrad Chua, Head of MBA Careers
We are pleased for our students that they have achieved such strong results and their outcomes reflect our on-going commitment to continually enhance the provision and support provided by our Careers Team. The increase, percentage-wise, of students working in the UK is encouraging given that more than half the graduating students who are now working in the UK are non-EU nationals.

More than 10 per cent of the entire MBA 2013 class started their own business immediately after the MBA. We are proud of entrepreneurs and I hope that our industry can develop reporting standards that will capture the achievements of MBA entrepreneurs.
Conrad Chua, Head of MBA Careers

This website captures the employment data for the Cambridge MBA class of 2013/14 - our most recently graduated class.

Our top recruiters represent leading firms: Google, A.T. Kearney, Ernst & Young, Fung Group, Infosys and Schlumberger Business Consulting. These results confirm the established appeal of the versatile Cambridge MBA graduates to a wide range of international employers. We have provided pre-employment data to illustrate the transformative career pathways our students invariably take.

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We compile our employment statistics in adherence to MBA CSC reporting standards. The key data in this report reflects information received from 89% of the class.

The 'employed three months out' figure refers to those students who were seeking employment and excludes sponsored students who returned to their previous job, as well as students who started a business.