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Joe Gladstone

Joe Gladstone

PhD Candidate

BSc (University of Exeter), MSc (University of Oxford), MPhil (University of Cambridge)

Research topic

Behavioural Economics and Consumer Finance


Joe Gladstone is a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, where he applies academic insights from behavioural economics and social psychology to understand and influence consumer financial decision making. Prior to this, he graduated first in his class in degrees from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Joe's research aims to target consumers who are in 'financial distress' and use interventions derived from behavioural decision theory to 'nudge' consumers to improve their financial decisions. These nudges will take the form of text messages, emails and letters, and are targeted at increasing savings behaviour, discouraging pay-day loan use and changing other financial behaviours. The project involves managing several large-scale multi-armed randomised control trials to test between different behavioural theories, and is run in partnership with one of the world's largest retail banks.

Joe also works with other organisations on research projects, including Which?, Capital One and The Department of Health.

Joe has been awarded a full Economic and Social Research Council scholarship to fund his studies at Cambridge over four years. This is in addition to earlier full funding from the Medical Research Council in order to pursue his studies at Oxford University.

Outside of his PhD research, Joe volunteers as a mentor to encourage disadvantaged pupils to apply to elite universities through 'The Brilliant Club' charity. He also has a background in high-level debating tournaments, enjoys running and rows for King's College, Cambridge. Joe is also the founder of, a popular tool which collates all events in behavioural science and judgement and decision making research into a single platform.

Research interests

Behavioural economics; applied social psychology; experimental economics; public policy; behaviour change; decision making; crowdfunding markets.

Joe Gladstone is a member of the Marketing subject group.

Contact details

Joe Gladstone
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG


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