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Project terms for MBA

We are very grateful to the organisations that work with us to make our consultancy projects such a success. In order to ensure that all projects continue to run smoothly, professionally and to mutual advantage, please note the following terms, under which our projects are undertaken.

  • All projects are undertaken by students of Cambridge Judge Business School as part of their MBA programme. As our students are not employees of the University of Cambridge, neither the University nor Cambridge Judge Business School can enter agreements on their behalf, nor can we take any liability for their actions.
  • Our students all sign confidentiality agreements (see below) and we are not able to enter any other agreement on their behalf.
  • Our projects are undertaken as part of an educational programme and are examined by supervisors and examiners appointed by the University of Cambridge. All supervisors and examiners are bound contractually and in common law to keep confidential any confidential information disclosed to them in the supervision and examination of the projects.
  • Our projects are student educational projects and should be seen in this context. The work does not constitute professional advice and no warranties are made regarding the information presented. Neither the authors nor Cambridge Judge Business School and its faculty accept any liability for the consequences of any action taken a result of the work, or any recommendations made or inferred.
  • For the benefit of our clients, the intellectual property rights to the work undertaken and/or the deliverables produced rest with the client. We do ask that if you publish the findings of the deliverables, you accredit the students wherever possible and state that work done was conducted as part of the Cambridge Judge Business School MBA Student Project, [CVP/GCP/IP] [Year].
  • No fees are charged, but all expenses incurred in the execution of the project must be met by the host company and paid directly to the students. We recommend that you use the standard University rates as a guide (see "Project administrative costs" below). The client is required to submit a project expenses code or otherwise demonstrate that funds and procedures are in place to ensure prompt payment.
  • All host companies must assign a named sponsor and a second point of contact, who will be available over the duration of the project to advise and guide the students. The sponsor is expected to attend the students' presentation and give feedback to the academic supervisor on the conduct of the work.
  • Host companies must provide the agreed resources, data and facilities to enable the students to complete the project effectively.
  • Students are required to declare their association with Cambridge Judge Business School and with their client when collecting information from other organisations.

We look forward to working with you. Please confirm that you have read, understood and accept the above terms as a host company for a Cambridge MBA project by ticking the appropriate box in the Project Proposal Form.

MBA general confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement (signed by all MBA students and supervisors)

During the course of my studies/As a mentor on the MBA Programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, I am likely to discuss and have access to Information, Technology and Ideas that various companies participating in the Programme and Cambridge Judge Business School regard as confidential.

In consideration of my participation on the MBA Programme, I agree for the benefit of participating companies and the University of Cambridge that I will make all reasonable efforts to hold in strict confidence any Information, Technologies and Ideas that I am told in advance are confidential, and will not copy, reveal or disclose such Information, Technology and Ideas to any third party and that I will not use any such Information, Technology and Ideas for my own benefit or the benefit of any organisation with which I am affiliated now or in the future. I also agree to abide by such other rules and guidelines that Cambridge Judge Business School or the University of Cambridge may reasonably impose.

This Agreement shall not apply to any Information, Technology and Ideas which:

  • at the date of this Agreement are in the public domain or subsequently come into the public domain through no fault of mine;
  • were already known to me on the date of disclosure, provided that such prior knowledge can be substantiated;
  • properly and lawfully become available to me from sources independent of the supplying party;
  • are disclosed pursuant to the requirement or request of a governmental agency provided that in such event I shall inform you of the nature and extent of any disclosure so required.

This Agreement shall come into effect from the date below and the obligation under the Agreement shall remain in effect for a period of three (3) years.

This Agreement shall be subject to English law.