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Greg Nance

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Inspiring experience

“I found the MPhil inspiring. It was a really good mix. You have the backdrop of this wonderful historic university compared with the cutting-edge, innovative business school. Every day brought phenomenal conversations with both classmates and faculty, and lectures that made me think. A wonderful perspective developed pretty quickly on the world of business, and the roles myself and my classmates might come to play. I learned both the theories of business as well as many best practices, and every day I come back to lessons I learned either during lectures or seminars or conversations over coffee – they continue to guide me. Both my two major projects – and – have benefited hugely from my Cambridge Judge experience.”

Incredible Cambridge Network

“Plus, there’s the incredible global Cambridge community. I live in Shanghai now and to this day there are a bunch of my closest friends in Shanghai who are all part of the Cambridge network, both from Cambridge Judge and the wider university. It’s been wonderful to have that support.”

The career after…

After completing the MPhil in Management, Greg founded, an admissions consulting and career preparation platform. Based in Shanghai, the company now has 17 full-time employees and has just raised $400,000 in venture capital.


Greg was 19 when he and fellow student Ted Gonder created, from his dorm room at the University of Chicago, six years ago. This national mentoring programme aims to restore the economic health of the US through bringing financial education to young people. Greg is still chair of, which President Obama recently called ‘a champion of change’. In his spare time, Greg runs marathons and climbs mountains.


MPhil in Management 2011