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Ambroise Fargere

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I have a passion for technology and the industrial and business adventure that comes with it. This is exactly what the MPhil in Technology Policy offers, with its blend of courses and electives that successfully exploits synergies between a business school and an engineering department.
Ambroise Fargere
Ambroise Fargere

“As a Final Group Project for the MPhil, my team and I went to Japan for the French Nuclear leader AREVA and I was subsequently hired for a six-month internship in the Economic Studies Team of their Corporate Strategy Department. I am now a full-time Project Manager in charge of the Strategy and Performance projects of the Worldwide Nuclear Fuel Engineering department.”


After a European Baccalauréat in science, Ambroise  spent two years studying theoretical mathematics in preparatory courses (Lycée Louis-le-Grand, Paris) before being admitted into Ecole Polytechnique, where he received a master’s degree in engineering physics, specialising in economics for technological innovation.


MPhil Technology Policy 2011




Project Manager, AREVA


Lycée Louis-le-Grand (Paris), Ecole Polytechnique