CIGB research

Research overview.

The world-class faculty and students affiliated with the Centre for India & Global Business conduct cutting-edge research on topics related to India’s socio-economic development and its growing engagement with the global business community.

Already the fastest growing major economy in the world, India is set to reshape global markets in the next few decades. With 10 million young people entering its workforce every year for the next 10 years, the country has a profound opportunity to leverage new, knowledge-based technologies to transform many sectors worldwide. The Centre’s research is aimed at studying this phenomenon as well as helping India shape the global knowledge economy in the 21st century.


Current research

The Centre’s research aims to generate thought-leadership and bring together business, academic and policy leaders from around the world to understand, promote and engage with Indian innovators.

Previous research

Learn more about the Centre’s previous research, in collaboration with affiliates, students and postdoctoral candidates.

Research themes

Global innovation hub.

India as a global innovation hub

How and why the world’s largest multinationals are increasingly locating their global R&D and innovation activities in India (and other countries like it).

Indian firms going global.

Indian firms going global

How Indian firms (relative to firms from other emerging markets) are going global and moving up the value chain.


Co-innovation with the bottom of the pyramid (mass markets)

How firms and other organisations are engaging those who live on less than $5 a day as value-adding partners through innovative products, services and business models.

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