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Fees and financing

Diploma mentoring session

Programme fees

The tuition fee for the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship for 2017 are £13,440 per student. The fee includes some refreshments, attendance at dinners and networking events during residential workshops.

  • There is a non-refundable application fee of £100 for entry in 2017.
  • Programme fees do not include travel to Cambridge or accommodation and meals for residential sessions.
  • As this programme does not require college membership, there are no additional college fees. Fees are the same for both UK and overseas students.

Residential sessions

There are three residential sessions in Cambridge in September 2017, April 2018 and July 2018.

Your travel costs will depend upon your home location. For accommodation you should allow at least £90 per night in Cambridge for bed and breakfast accommodation. You should also allow an additional budget for lunches, evening meals and other social activities with your peers.

Visit the Cambridge Tourist Information Centre website to find out more about the accommodation available in Cambridge.

Sources of funding

There are some opportunities to gain financial support for successful applicants to the programme:

Travel awards & bursaries

Travel awards and bursaries are designed to assist with the costs of travel and accommodation associated with the second two-week residential session of the programme. Find out more

Entrepreneurship Scholarship Programme

The aim is to provide 20 x £500 scholarships to candidates who can clearly demonstrate academic excellence and/or entrepreneurial potential. It's open to all postgraduates and undergraduates (including international students). Visit the Entrepreneurship Scholarship Programme website to find out more

College membership

Students of the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship do not require Cambridge College membership as it is a part-time programme. This would be an additional cost to the tuition fees. 

Wolfson College and Hughes Hall are offering the option of a one-year membership whilst students are on this programme. 

Wolfson College allows students to use their facilities (and the possibility of accommodation over College vacations) whenever possible. Membership with a University card (attached to Wolfson College) will allow students to use the gym, library, IT facilities, attend college social functions; and purchase meals at student discount prices. The cost for this is £1,335 per student, per year. 

Hughes Hall allows students free access to all facilities, including library, bar, gym equipment, and general rooms. They can take meals (including Formal Hall) and book guest rooms at student rates, and they can participate in any student activity, including sport. Students are invited to the many business events each year and may enter the annual Enterprise Society competition. The cost for this is £1,250 per student, per year.

Lucy Cavendish College is able to offer female students the use of their facilities. Students may use the gym, library, IT facilities and attend college social functions and purchase meals at junior rate. The cost for this is £1,250 per student, for the year of study. View the application form.

Successful applicants to the programme who are interested in becoming a member of any of the above Colleges for the year of study should advise the Programme Manager.

Admissions for entry in 2017 have now closed.

Applications for entry in September 2018 will open this October.

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