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Our suite of marketing programmes deals with two fundamental areas: strategic marketing management and brand building. Both programmes provide a deep insight into the latest theories and practices using a combination of case studies, workshops and faculty-driven sessions.

Strategic Branding in the Social Media Era

9-10 November 2017

This programme looks at brand building strategies, including the strategic brand management process, building a strong brand and brand positioning. Participants will understand the essence of the brand, its value as well as how to measure brand equity.

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Strategic Marketing Management

7-8 December 2017

Marketing is far more than just advertising and promotion; it is first and foremost a strategic analysis of the market environment, including customer, competitor, company, context and collaborator, and then strategic execution of segmentation, targeting and positioning. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategic marketing planning and analysis process to better reach and satisfy customers while increasing profitability and productivity.

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