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People & Management

Our people and management programmes are designed to help people deal with the challenges of managing and motivating an organisation's most important resource: people. Providing the most up-to-date frameworks for leaders to effectively develop a culture and process for change, developing HR capabilities to have a larger impact within the organisation and providing the management toolkit required for creating a high performance culture within the organisation are all key people management areas covered through the portfolio of programmes.

The New Leadership

7-9 June 2017

This core, three-day module presents the idea of new leadership and provides a framework for those interested in undertaking the complete certificate. It will help you better understand your own leadership style and how to apply this within your own organisational context.

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Creating High Performance Teams

29-30 June 2017 (fully booked) or 28-29 September 2017 or 9-10 November 2017

This programme provides an important management tool kit for creating a high performance culture within organisations by focusing on communicating, motivating, teaming, evaluating and rewarding.

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Best Practice in Managing People

14-15 September 2017

This programme provides solutions to the challenges faced by line managers in managing and motivating people to achieve an organisation's objectives and results. Drawing on current research and practical exercises, participants will be provided with concepts and frameworks that can be directly applied in the work place.

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Building Trustworthy Leadership that Works

26-27 October 2017

You will gain a better understanding of what trust stands for and how to engage in active strategies that will build and rebuild trust in your teams and organisation.

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Leading Negotiations

30 November-1 December 2017

Designed to put leadership in perspective when it comes downs to the different negotiation traps and challenges leaders are faced with, both in terms of the aspects of the negotiation game and the influence strategies that opponents and situations reveal.

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Leading in Value-driven Ways

2018 dates tbc

Designed to help you acquire greater knowledge and understanding about value-driven leadership and its relevance to the demands of contemporary business.

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