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Barclays Scale Up UK resources

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Cambridge Judge Business School has created a series of videos and articles on key topics of interest to companies with high growth potential with the aim of helping CEOs and management teams achieve their potential, overcome challenges and grow their businesses. The resources provide advice on various areas whether it be establishing ambitious growth targets, attracting the right people, innovation, establishing a credible business plan or investment. 

Programme overview

Academic Programme Director Hanadi Jabado, and Professor Stelios Kavadias give an overview of the Barclays Scale Up UK Programme.

The Barclays Scale Up UK Programme aims to increase the performance and competitiveness of your business. The programme has been designed to combine academic frameworks and practitioners’ insight to support your growth journey. We will help you formulate, articulate, and implement a growth plan. We work with each business at the senior management team level and address your particular growth challenges.

Based on the research conducted here, at Cambridge Judge Business School, through deep engagement with growth organisations, we have designed six modules that will equip your senior management team with the skills necessary to define and execute a sustainable growth plan.

These six modules are the following: strategic positioning, market analysis and growth options, business models and cascade planning, leadership and team building, scenario planning on operational excellence, and finally, financing routes and stakeholder communication. The modules are delivered by CJBS faculty, integrating the support of expert practitioners who play a key role in helping the senior management team of each one of your businesses to absorb the learnings from the workshops and implement them in the specificities of your contacts.

These expert practitioners are experienced coaches who will work with your business to overcome roadblocks. They will ensure that your team adheres to a consistent sense of purpose and maintains focus on growth. They will become a trusted advisor for your business.

Throughout the programme, guided and supervised work between the modules will help your management team articulate the company’s growth plan from the initial assessment all the way to the final company decided strategic point. This intermodular work will be supported remotely by our experienced practitioners.

At the end of the Barclays Scale Up UK Programme, participants will have developed a customised company growth plan. Understand the steps required to realise sustainable growth. They will have an aligned management team with the capability to achieve growth and be in a position to undertake their own growth journey.

How to apply

Professor Stelios Kavadias runs through the application criteria and the journey that applications will go through with Cambridge Judge Business School.

To be eligible for the Barclays Scale Up UK Programme, your business should, one, be a Barclays customer, two, have an appetite for growth, three, have annual sales up to 20 million pounds, and four, display scale up potential with either positive cash flow or backing of your know investors. If your organisation fits into these requirements, then do embark on the Scale Up UK journey with us. First, complete a short online application form. This application form will help us understand your reasons for undertaking the programme.

Secondly, you will be invited for a quick phone interview with one of us here at Cambridge Judge Business School. This is a two way interview, where, on the one hand, we will ensure you fully understand what the programme entails. And on the other hand, you will validate that working with us will be of value to your business.

Thirdly, an in-depth online questionnaire will follow in order to assess your current financial, strategic, and growth performance. This in-depth questionnaire will allow our team to better understand and customise the programme to fit your business needs. Finally, during an on site meeting with a dedicated expert practitioner from Cambridge Judge Business School, on-site diagnostics and needs analysis will take place in order to ensure your business’s individual needs are catered for.

Key deliverables

Academic Programme Director, Hanadi Jabado, talks through the key deliverables from the Barclays Scale Up UK Programme and showcases the tangible outcomes of previous programmes.

The primary outcome will be the development by the senior management team of a fully customised growth plan incorporating the latest thought leadership adapted to your business requirements. This in turn will enable results in the standard business performance indicators, as well as a strong alignment amongst a senior management team. Previous growth programmes have dramatically affected the businesses involved with an average of 134% revenue growth, a 67% headcount increase, and total funding raised of 32 million pounds. What this programme will impact mainly is the systematic capability of the senior management team to deliver sustainable growth.

Main benefits

Programme alumni talk through the main benefits of attending a growth programme at Cambridge Judge Business School.

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Tangible takeaways

Hear from alumni who discuss the takeaways they have actually implemented in their business and how the programme has made an impact already.

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How the whole team benefits

The Barclays Scale Up UK Programme allows you include your senior management team and here alumni discuss why this is so beneficial.

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Programme fee

Here our alumni discuss how they justified the programme fee and how, when compared to the programme benefits, this is relatively low.

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Faculty and coaches

Alumni address the role of the faculty and coaches in their programme experience, highlighting how influential they are to the entire experience.

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Applications are now closed for the 2020 Barclays Scale Up UK programme running spring/summer 2020. To find out more about the programme, please contact [email protected].

Contact us

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Beverley Kent: +44 (0)1223 748821
Ruth Berry: +44 (0)1223 339697