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The process of programme facilitation and insights gained throughout the customised executive education relationship offers academic faculty the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of executive participants and their business challenges. Accordingly, we are committed to long-term and meaningful partnerships with our African clients and view our executive education relationships as collaborations, which ultimately lead to positive change for businesses and individuals. In turn our observations and the knowledge learnt during programmes feeds back into research and deepens Cambridge Judge Business School's understanding of the many organisations, regions and countries within a vast continent. Subsequently, the results of this ongoing research constantly informs the creation of even more bespoke executive education programmes for our individual African clients.

  • Nigerian State Assemblies

    The Lagos State House of Assembly executive education programme marks the beginning of our plan to conduct comparative organisational behaviour, parliamentary oversight, urbanisation and economic development research across regional Houses of Assembly in the Southern states of Nigeria.

  • Financial Inclusion in Uganda

    Our faculty are collaborating with Makerere University, Kampala on a project to explore the adoption and effect of mobile money technology on financial literacy and financial inclusion. Following on from Kenya's lead in the development and adoption of frugal mobile-based financial services such as M-Pesa, the study will explore the replication of this innovation process in Uganda.

  • Advanced Solar Technologies in Uganda and Ghana

    Faculty who have been actively involved in the creation of thousands of new entrepreneurial ventures are working on exploring the pressing challenge around deploying ever advancing solar technologies for the millions of people who are off-grid, or whose electricity supply is unreliable. The project will explore how to stimulate and scale-up an ecosystem of high growth for-profit entrepreneurial ventures, social ventures and partnerships between the public and private sectors in order to boost wealth and job creation.

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