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Leading Strategic Change & Renewal

Companies around the world and across several industries are all going through some type of disruption, whether it is changes in customer needs and wants, technology, new competition, business models. And then the question becomes how to modify and how to renew strategy for success. And that is the focus of our programme.

I chose to attend the strategic change programme because we are going through a period of change within the organisation I work with. My objectives for coming here were really to look at new ways of setting strategy, just to give me a perspective on how to implement change and sell the strategy to people– a renewal of everything that we’ve been doing, but looking at it in a different way.

We have a wide range of participants in this particular programme across several sectors and industries. We have a nice representation from the for-profit sectors, and we also get participants from governmental and nonprofit organisations.

The programme provides the participants a unique fresh perspective, some set of tools and frameworks, as well as numerous insights that they can take back to their organisation and implement them. The participants do get to work on a strategic renewal plan for a company or organisation of their choice, usually, their own company where they work.

And when they’re working on the strategic renewal plan, they do utilise the frameworks and the tools that we do demonstrate in the programme. They do get help and input from the professors. And also, they get to interact with all the other participants who are dealing with a set of similar and different types of challenges.

It’s been a good mix of people that have been on the programme. The topics that have been introduced are really helpful. It allows you to sort of look at structuring strategy in a different way than I’ve looked at it before. I feel that I’ve gained a lot out of the programme.

The programme’s been very good. And I’m enjoying it. The length of the programme is, like, only for two days, which makes it much easier for me to travel.

The participants do become aware of multiple scenarios of strategic change and renewal. It’s very important that participants do feel comfortable identifying the necessary strategic changes, but they’re also equally comfortable and they know how to go about implementing them.

From a personal and organisational perspective, I found the two day course really enlightening, insightful. It’s given me loads of ideas. I’m looking forward to going back and implementing them.

Yeah, I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues. And I’m already doing that, actually.


  • Two-day programme
  • For senior to mid-level managers and executives, founders, strategy directors, business development managers and consulting directors and professionals
  • Develop a practical and actionable strategic renewal plan to boost competitiveness and profitability
  • Learn how to “sell in” both the need for change, and your plan.

Strategic renewal and change is a constant necessity and reality of a successful organisation

The imperative for strategic change within an organisation can be triggered by a variety of internal and external factors.

Strategic change can be driven by the deepening of an existing strategy, or by diversification into new product categories, geographical expansion, growth initiatives, industry disruption or changing customer preferences.

All these can demand substantial changes in a company’s relationships and capabilities and can quickly expose the limitations of an otherwise successful strategy. 

How you can make a difference

This unique two-day programme will help you design strategic renewal and change initiatives that will boost the organisation’s competitiveness and profitability. You will learn how to map the required configuration of capabilities and key activities, with a close focus on the implementation of these changes.

Critically, you will learn how to navigate your organisation to build the case for change, sell-in your plan and overcome objections and obstacles.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge Judge Business School offers a distinctive approach born out of the University of Cambridge way.

  • Drawing on cutting-edge academic research, as you would expect from a business school with 19 research centres
  • The University of Cambridge has always emphasised smaller class sizes for maximum interaction and focused effort between world-class faculty and top-quality participants. Cambridge Judge is no exception. This makes your experience here one of unrivalled quality and relevance
  • Our programmes may be shorter, but with smaller class sizes they are intensive. We aim to maximise the use of your time – you will likely be stretched as you have never known; that is the Cambridge way.
Leading Strategic Change & Renewal is about refreshing and revitalising an established company’s strategy and core competencies. We look at multiple scenarios of renewal, such as renewal driven by a company’s growth or by disruptive changes in the external environment. Our programme is quite unique in that it gives close attention to implementation issues. We not only identify the new strategy, but also analyse the impact of strategic change on all critical systems. This includes giving close attention to the human side of change.
Professor Yasemin Kor, Academic Programme Director, Strategic Change & Renewal

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  • What is a strategy
  • Understanding when strategic change or renewal is essential
  • Calculating how much resource and capability reconfiguration will be needed
  • Assessing alternative paths of renewal
  • Creating a personal and actionable strategic renewal business plan to capture the changes in value proposition, capability and key processes
  • Anticipating implementation challenges and factoring potential solutions into your plan
  • “Selling-in” your plan.
Infographic showing the topics map strategy, disruption, external fit, realignment, internal fit, capabilities.
Fascinating insight into strategic change with great evidence and examples. A very useful tool and capability to take back to the workplace.
Martin Stephens, Lead Solutions Engineer, Salesforce
I attended the Strategic Change and Renewal programme when I was newly appointed as a Managing Partner. Legal markets are changing quickly and I needed to formulate a strategic response to the challenges of technology and market disruptors. Having time and space to think and share ideas with others who are experiencing similar challenges was invaluable. The programme gave me some important tools, and the confidence, which have helped me in formulating a new strategy for my firm.
Malcolm Simpson, Managing Partner, Walker Morris LLP
The programme was a great experience! As a senior executive, I greatly appreciated having real-world professors and speakers – people like us who are living in the business world. The tools I acquired will pay dividends for years to come.
Jorge Pamies Cartagena, Controller Manager, ZARA Tempe INDITEX Group


By the end of this two-day programme, you will have:

  • Developed a strategic renewal plan that maps and explains the reconfiguration of resources and capabilities, key activities and processes
  • Benefitted from the interactive nature of the programme: with discussions around real life examples combined with practical exercises, small group brainstorming and coaching
  • Addressed practical challenges with your own strategic change plan
  • Understood, and be able to articulate to others, when and why strategic change is needed.
Icon: Executive Education Certificates of Achievement.

This programme counts towards the Cambridge Judge Business School General Management Certificate of Achievement. On completing the GMCA you will be eligible to become an associate member of Cambridge Judge Business School’s global network of graduates and business-focused University of Cambridge alumni, faculty and staff.

It was one of the most useful classes I attended during or after my time in Cambridge. Speaking from my own experience the class was a very effective forum to begin to think through a strategic change in which I am currently involved.
Tom Bennett, Associate Director, Intermediate Capital Group & Founder of the Housing First Transition Fund, a joint venture with the Glasgow Homelessness Network
Professor Yasemin Kor’s programme on Leading Strategic Change & Renewal is both thought-provoking and practical. Drawing on a range of examples, it provides a clearly structured means to think through the issues facing organisations embarking on strategic change. Yasemin’s focus in this programme is on building a bridge between strategy development and the really hard part – implementation.
Colm O’Reardon, Deputy Secretary General, Department of Health, Ireland

Who should attend

  • Senior to mid-level leaders across all sectors tasked with the strategic direction of their organisation
  • Leaders looking to respond to industry change or to deepen their existing strategy
  • Strategy Directors looking to increase their skills and capabilities
  • Business development managers and consulting directors from all industries.

Individuals from multiple industries have benefitted from attending this programme and the learnings can be related to all sectors.

Overall an excellent experience; great teacher(s), great facilities and supporting staff; nice fellow participants. I have recently gone through the drafting of a new strategic plan so I will use what I have learnt to refine it throughout the implementation of the strategy.
Vinciane Koenigsfeld, Sr. Director Board Operations, ICANN
The programme provided a more structured approach to deal with strategic change and demonstrated the process in a more practical setting. The cases were very relevant and useful.
Rockson Kwesi Dogbegah, Executive Chairman, Berock Ventures
The examples were interesting and insightful, well pulled together, Professor Kor did a great job involving everyone and supporting the group… I am in the process of planning multiple strategies. This programme helped me pull everything together.
Gurpreet Kaur, Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Faculty & speakers

Yasemin Kor

Beckwith Professor of Management Studies

PhD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Jennifer Howard-Grenville

Diageo Professor in Organisation Studies

PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Dates & fees



Fees *

Dates tbc

2 days

£2,500 + VAT

VAT is charged at the prevailing rate, which is currently 20%; e.g. £2,500 + 20% = £3,000.

* Fees include instruction, materials, lunch and breaks. Preferential rates may be available for groups, University of Cambridge alumni and members of the School’s Alumni Association. Please note prices pre-registration are subject to change.

For information regarding payment terms, cancellation rights, transfer policies and fees, please see our terms & conditions documents:

Terms & Conditions for Self-funded Applicants (pdf, 277KB) (updated 25 August 2021)
Terms & Conditions for Organisation-funded Applicants (pdf, 295KB) (updated 25 August 2021)

Registration closes at midday two working days before the programme start date.

Participants are expected to attend the full programme.

Please ensure that you have read our Frequently Asked Questions, which provide important additional information about our face-to-face and Live Online programmes, in particular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about this programme and how it could benefit you or your organisation, please get in touch with the programme advisor:

Claire Wright

Business Development Director
Open Programmes
Tel: +44 (0)1223 330741
Mob: +44 (0)7548 708067

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