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psychometrics and data

The Psychometrics Centre combines psychological and behavioural assessment with groundbreaking Big Data techniques to produce powerful solutions for business. 

We have over 25 years’ experience of working with organisations to develop, adapt and distribute tests for the world’s recruitment and staff development market. This has shown us that creating reliable and accurate measurement tools that are responsive to emerging best practices in different markets requires specialised knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise. We therefore offer bespoke services in all areas of assessment, including educational, clinical and occupational testing.

In addition, we are breaking new ground with our approach to Big Data analytics. Our applications deliver unique insight into the psychological mechanisms driving customer and employee behaviour. We help organisations realise their full data-driven potential, from creating innovative new service offerings to upskilling their workforce and inspiring their leaders. Our multi-touch approach has helped our clients remain competitive and develop greater resilience in the ever-changing landscape of Big Data.

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Psychometric assessment

Psychometric assessment

We use the latest adaptive testing techniques to produce reliable and effective results quickly and scalably, to the benefit of both individuals and businesses. Concerto, our online adaptive test development platform, is internationally recognised as a leader in the field, providing not only tailor-made solutions to your assessment challenges, but also a flexible training environment for your staff, saving both time and resources for future development.

In the UK, we have created bespoke assessments for the Cabinet Office, the Police Federation, NatWest bank, Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Eton College, and several leading Insurance companies. Globally, our test development platform is used in high-stakes assessment at a national scale, for example by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards for New South Wales, Australia.

Our key offers in psychometric assessment include:

Our bespoke assessments can help you to better understand and monitor the behaviours and motivations of your workforce both before, during and following leadership and organisational development programmes.  Our sophisticated tests will help you to better assess the impact and effectiveness of programmes so you can maximise the potential of your teams.

Our tools can also assist you in developing more advanced recruitment techniques. We have experience in creating and adapting assessments for measurement of personality, reasoning ability, integrity, motivation, team role, communication, role-specific skills and more. We differ from many other providers in being able to offer an end-to-end service to meet all of your test development needs: item design, piloting, production of norm groups, software development and test administration all fall within our core capabilities.

We run five-day professional training courses targeted at Human Resources teams. Our courses will help equip in-house HR teams to construct and deliver high value assessments within their organisations. These courses take place in Cambridge but can be also be delivered at a location of your choice. Visit the Psychometrics Centre website to find out more about our training courses

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Dr David Stillwell
Academic Director of the Psychometrics Centre

Vesselin Popov
Executive Director

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