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What we do

The goal of the Centre for Compliance & Trust is to explore the interface between values, behaviours and compliance within the financial services industry – in short: what is done, what has to be done and what should be done.

The intent of the Centre is to work with the sector to examine the ways in which individuals, groups and entire businesses work to develop best practice and drive forward banking that is appropriate for the 21st century, post-2008 environment.

Maintaining a critical eye, the Centre will develop insights and impactful thinking and tools which are relevant to the financial industry today and in the future. The key focus will revolve around three main areas:

  • The function and value of the financial industry in today’s society
  • The ways in which the sector responds to and acts within the regulatory environment
  • The behaviours and practices of organisations to respond to the need for trust and good conduct

The Centre will curate, collate and disseminate knowledge drawn from a variety of disciplines from across Cambridge Judge Business School, the wider University of Cambridge and beyond. Bringing together academics and practitioners we will work alongside businesses to develop an understanding of how financial institutions can deliver the response that is needed to build trust and confidence in sector practices.

Sitting within the Executive Education function of CJBS, one of the key goals of the Centre for Compliance & Trust is to lead the effective development of skills and behaviours of those who lead and drive practices which impact on these critical areas.

Banking should be a business which is well-regarded in the community, that builds trust in the community and that will be a different banking service to the service we’ve had in the 20th century.
Professor Dame Sandra Dawson