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Cambridge Science Festival: What Works for India and Africa Can Work for the World

Health is a global issue but the common view is that most medical innovation takes place in the West. Business expert Professor Jaideep Prabhu and bio-engineer Dr Dora Pereira challenge this view by discussing how solving medical challenges in resource-poor and pathogen-rich settings like India and sub-Saharan Africa is not just better for the people who live there but is also better for people living in other parts of the world.

Jaideep Prabhu

Director of the Centre for India & Global Business (CIGB)

Professor of Marketing and Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise

As the Nehru Professor of Indian Business at Cambridge Judge Business School, Jaideep’s research interests are in marketing strategy, international business and innovation. In particular, he studies various cross-national issues concerning the antecedents and consequences of radical innovation in high technology contexts.

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