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CIGB research themes

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Research themes at the Centre for India and Global Business, Cambridge Judge Business School

India as a global innovation hub

How and why the world's largest multinationals are increasingly locating their global R&D and innovation activities in India (and other countries like it). This theme addresses questions such as:

  • What specific innovation projects do MNCs actually conduct in India? How have they structured their R&D operations in India?
  • How should multinationals reorganise themselves to effectively leverage innovations from emerging markets for global success?
  • How should multinationals practice open Innovation in the Indian context (i.e. plug into the local ecosystems of start-ups, universities, VCs, research labs...)
  • India's relationship with China (strengths and weaknesses as an R&D hub)

Indian firms going global

How Indian firms (relative to firms from other emerging markets) are going global and moving up the value chain. This theme addresses questions such as:

  • What's the global trajectory of large Indian firms (i.e., listed on Bombay Stock Exchange)? How effectively do they manage it?
  • "Born Globals": how do start-ups in Bangalore and other tech hotspots in India manage their globalisation (relative to firms in other clusters like Silicon Valley and Cambridge)?

Co-innovation with the bottom of the pyramid (mass markets)

How firms and other organisations are engaging those who live on less than $5 a day as value-adding partners through innovative products, services and business models. This theme addresses questions such as:

  • What is the BOP market? How large is it in India? (myths and realities)
  • What capabilities must firms develop to effectively operate in BOP markets?
  • What are the business models used by firms to leverage value in BOP markets?
  • How should firms partner with social entrepreneurs to scale up BOP innovations?
  • How can firms effectively convert their CSR projects into for-profit initiatives?
  • How can innovations in BOP markets be shared with other markets/countries?