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The Centre is committed to developing case studies of leading long-term investors to be used for interactive classroom teaching. In addition, staff within the research centre contribute to teaching on a number of graduate degrees as well as practitioner seminars based in Cambridge and at other organisations globally. Examples of our teaching cases include:

The Norway Model

The Norway Model is a prize-winning paper to be published with a new commentary in February 2015. The Norwegian Government’s sovereign wealth fund is the largest fund in the world. It is highly rated for its professional, low-cost, transparent, and socially responsible approach to asset management and investment professionals increasingly refer to Norway as a model for managing financial assets. Specific to the Norway Fund is that equity risk premiums are the main source of returns and diversification is an important risk control. In this case study we evaluate the strategies followed by the Fund, review long-term performance, and examine the Fund’s response to the financial crisis.

Clare College

Clare College is one of the University of Cambridge's 31 Colleges. At the height of the global financial crisis, in September 2008, Clare’s investment committee asked the College's Governing Body to approve a novel investment that involved borrowing money to invest in equities, which had fallen precipitously. The two Clare case studies set the scene, and a final case will return to the story five years later, when a new bursar had just joined the College and was reviewing the history of the deal and what changes, if any, should be made.