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Lockheed Martin Integrated Infrastructure


The Deck
National Theatre
South Bank

This was a launch event for the report “Integrated Infrastructure: Cyber Resiliency in Society”. This report was produced by the University of Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies in collaboration with Lockheed Martin. It details a cyber attack scenario on the UK distribution network that results in rolling blackouts in London and surrounding areas due to rogue hardware installed in the substations. In the most extreme scenario variant, the total impact to the British economy reaches as high as £442 billion, with disruptions extending beyond the water, communications and transportation sectors. 

Attendance by invitation only.

Day 1: Tuesday 12 April 2016

09:30-10:00 Speaker arrival for preparation
10:00-10:30 Registration for attendees with tea, coffee and water
10:30-11:00 Presentations
  • Introduction: Andy Madge
  • Background and methodology: Simon Ruffle
  • Cyber scenario: Eireann Leverett
  • Economic modelling: Edward Oughton
11:00-11:30 Panel Q&A session
11:30-13:00 Networking and one-on-one interviews with refreshments provided
Eireann Leverett

Eireann Leverett

Senior Risk Researcher, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

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Eireann is a Risk Researcher at the Centre for Risk Studies, where his research focuses upon technological disasters and the economic impacts of computer security failures or accidents.

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Dr Edward Oughton

Dr Edward J. Oughton

Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

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Dr Edward J. Oughton currently leads the digital communications modelling work on the EPSRC-funded project entitled Multi-scale InfraSTRucture systems AnaLytics (Mistral) alongside Dr David Cleevely CBE. He is a Research Associate in the Centre for Risk Studies and leads the Centre's work on the management of critical infrastructure failure. Edward's work has been used for the National Infrastructure Commission's 5G strategy and the ICE's National Needs Assessment.

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Simon Ruffle

Simon Ruffle

Director of Research & Innovation, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

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Simon Ruffle is a member of the Executive Team and is responsible for the overall research framework of the Centre. He is researching into innovative sourcing of business economic data and is leading the cyber threat research track. He has a background in natural hazards and the insurance industry.

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