Duncan Needham.

Senior Risk Researcher, Centre for Risk Studies

Duncan Needham is an associate of the Centre for Risk Studies, Associate Director of the Centre for Financial History at Newnham College, and a Research Fellow at Darwin College.

After completing his first degree at the London School of Economics, and a Masters at Cass Business School in Shipping, Trade and Finance, Duncan worked at Credit Suisse Financial Products and JP Morgan, where he ran the banks and financials desk, trading bonds and credit default swaps. He then spent four years running Cairn Capital’s Investment Grade Collateralised Debt Obligation business, before returning to academia in 2008 to complete his MPhil in Economic History.

Duncan recently completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge. This will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014 as UK Monetary Policy from Devaluation to Thatcher, 1967-82.