Eireann Leverett.

Senior Risk Researcher, Centre for Risk Studies

Eireann Leverett has studied psychology, philosophy, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and computer security at various times in his life. He holds a BEng from Edinburgh University and an MPhil from the University of Cambridge in Advanced Computer Science. He still enjoys punting at Darwin College when he has the time.

At the Centre for Risk Studies his research focuses upon technological disasters and the economic impacts of computer security failures or accidents. He has experience of compromising the security of organisations, and assisting them to improve their security postures through a variety of short and long term methods. He is interested in computer security at scale, security economics, systems security, incident response, critical infrastructure protection, safety, firmware signing, exploit markets, vulnerability management, quality assurance, indicators of compromise, modelling, networks, risk, visualisations, and zero knowledge proofs. He is a frequent public speaker on these subjects.

He is on a research sabbatical from IOActive where he is a penetration tester and researcher in their Industrial Control Systems Security practice.