Scott Kelly.

Senior Risk Researcher, Centre for Risk Studies

Dr Scott Kelly is a Research Principal at the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). His research interests include sustainability economics, risk analysis and the economics of climate change. He is a research affiliate at the Centre for Risk Studies and an associate of the Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research.

Prior to his role at ISF he was Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and a Junior Research Fellow of Darwin College. He received his PhD in the field of economics, energy and climate change and received an MPhil in Sustainable Development, both from the University of Cambridge. He is the recipient of several awards and accolades including the Rotary Ambassadorial Awards for New Zealand, CT Taylor Scholarship, Cambridge Trusts Scholarship, the Cambridge Econometrics Bursary and a Selwyn College Bursary. He is a panel member on the Sustainability Advantage Programme. He is an author of several book chapters and has published papers across a range of journals.