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Cambridge Global Risk Index 2018: Methodology

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The Cambridge Global Risk Index research track analyses the combined damage inflicted on global cities by a comprehensive set of significant and recurrent threats. 


We consider some 22 threats in five broad threat classes:

  • Natural catastrophe and climate, including threats such as earthquake and windstorms.
  • Finance, economics and trade, including threats such as market crashes, and commodity price shocks.
  • Geopolitics and security, including political instability, conflicts and terrorism.
  • Technology and space, for example, cyber catastrophe.
  • Health and humanity, for example pandemics and famines. 

This report documents the methodology used for the Cambridge Global Risk Index 2018: Executive Summary analysis. It describes how cities were selected, GDP projections, and the updated resilience ratings. It outlines the catastronomics methodology and how GDP@Risk is calculated. 

View the Cambridge Global Risk Index 2018: Executive Summary