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Research overview

Cambridge Judge Business School is uniquely positioned to draw together disparate research programmes from across the University of Cambridge, and serve as the platform or conduit for dialogue and development with external organisations and policy-makers.

The research programme of the Centre for Risk Studies focusses on business applications of management science to reduce systemic risk. A number of interlinked research themes are being explored. They share a common approach and risk analysis structure - the 'Cambridge Risk Framework', which enables a range of threats, scenarios, and consequences to be analysed on networks of business and economic relationships. In 2016, we propose to continue development in several research areas.

Cambridge risk framework

Developing a holistic analysis of the global threat universe.

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Technology catastrophe risk

Exploring the emerging risk of disruption and catastrophic failure of critical systems.

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Financial catastrophe risk

Developing understanding of the frequency and severity of extreme tail risk catastrophes.

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Developing the research platform

In addition to pursuing specific research application area, we intend to continue developing the Cambridge research platform, allocating resources to enabling the framework, improving methodologies, compiling datasets, developing the programming environment for our research models, and exploring other application areas for the research.

Understanding complex business exposure

We are continuing to populate the Cambridge Risk Framework with datasets about the international economy, business interconnectivity, elements at risk from shocks, and threat information. These datasets represent 'complex business exposure' - counterparty relationships, trading flows, supply chains, market dependencies, transportation and communication lines - that are vulnerable to the disruption of business processes. Developing a useful data architecture for this exposure and publishing data schemas for improved adoption of representations of complex business exposure is an important objective for our future research.

News and events

The Centre's research themes cover broad topics related to risk, including risk strategy, culture, and governance.

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The Risk Prize

An annual award for the best submission on risk management by a current Masters or PhD student at one of the following University of Cambridge departments.

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