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Jake's Boost

Jake’s Boost graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in January 2017.

Jake's Boost  is a health food business with two missions: de-cluttering people’s nutrition and fighting childhood food poverty in the UK. 

The company was established in 2015 by Dan Pearce and Ansje Germann, who grew tired of single flavour nut butters but found most of the more ‘exciting’ mixes contained additives. They started experimenting by mixing only nuts and seeds and created three blends with unique ingredient combinations and textures: SuperBoost, CacaoBoost and TigerBoost. The nuts and seeds in the mixes complement each other in terms of health benefits and nutritional profiles: high in fibre, rich in antioxidants, a good source of omega 3&6 and full of protein.

All products are 100 per cent natural as well as free from refined sugar, salt, dairy, gluten and palm oil. The nut and seed butters are available in 190g jars and in Jake’s Boost snack pots, which contain a portion of nut butter with air-dried fruit crisps. 

5 per cent of the profits help food poverty charities which feed children in need, supporting them to run more kitchens and train more volunteers to open their own kitchens in the community. 

"We were shocked to learn that every day half a million children in the UK arrive at school hungry and saw an opportunity to enable ourselves and our customers to do good as well as feel good with our product,” Ansje explains. “Food poverty is a real and growing issue globally, so aligning our business model to ensure we are positively contributing to tackling this issue lies at the heart of our brand." 

Both avid animal rights advocates, Dan and Ansje registered the whole product range with the Vegan Society and work to raise awareness of the devastation that palm oil production causes to flora and fauna.

The long-term goal is to turn Jake’s Boost into a ‘multi social’ enterprise. Dan and Ansje want to build a lifestyle brand that offers like-minded and socially conscious people a range of consumer products in different categories that all support individual causes such as the protection of endangered animals and environmental conservation.

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Ansje and Dan are particularly interested in connecting with anyone who can help them to scale their business, whether by sourcing and securing a unit and production equipment or by enabling a production partnership for manufacturing and/or packing.

Watch Ansje and Dan in conversation with Luther Phillips

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