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Monthlies graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in January 2017.

Monthlies make periods drama-free with packs of environmentally friendly tampons delivered through the letterbox every month. The benefits go beyond convenience. Ordering Monthlies reduces CO2 emissions (all products are 100 per cent biodegradable), prejudice (20 per cent of profits go to women's health and advocacy initiatives), and toxins (all products are 100 per cent organic).


Sarah has been interested in social enterprises for a long time, indeed, supporting students to volunteer their time to good causes, enabled her to find out more about the nature of setting up and running social enterprises. An ethical shopper, she became aware of the lack of widely available ethically and environmentally friendly manufactured menstrual products. Discovering a brand that met her ideals, Sarah got to thinking about how the very nature of the monthly menstrual cycle lent itself to a subscription based direct mail solution.

Further reflection on wider issues, e.g.: girls in developing countries not having access to any products; massive corporations (and governments) benefitting from profit (and tax) of sanitary items, inspired Sarah to formulate a proposition for a menstrual product business that could achieve a broad range of positive social and economic impacts, particularly for women.

"The market opportunity for menstrual products in the UK alone is estimated to be worth over £60 million per year. The majority of menstruators choose disposable products from major brands or supermarkets' own brands. Monthlies costs similar to major brands but offers a much more tailored and professional service, which puts the customer in control of their period needs," explains Sarah.

"There is a huge opportunity and appetite from the public for better advertising around menstrual products, to bin the girls in white dresses and blue liquid and to be honest and open about the products and their use. Our products are organic and biodegradable and equal in quality to the major brands. Our aim is for all menstruators to have safe, healthy, periods, free from prejudice. We're working towards this by promoting the use of environmentally friendly period products and by becoming a platform for open conversation about menstruation," she adds.

"We want all women to benefit and 20 per cent of profits will always go to women's health and advocacy initiatives in the UK and around the world," Sarah concludes.


Sarah Hewett studied Geography at Oxford University and has since worked for a number of charities and voluntary sector organisations and as a finance analyst for Innocent Drinks. Monthlies combines her interests in feminism, sustainability and social enterprise.


Monthlies meet many ethical, environmental and animal rights standards and has already generated its first social impact report (covering March to December 2015).

In these first few months Monthlies has:

  • Donated over 300 pads to causes supporting women and girls in the UK
  • Saved 48kg of CO2
  • Engaged 1600 people in listening, tweeting and talking positively about menstruation
  • Sold over 204 boxes, enough to last one menstruator 17 years

Visit the Monthlies' website for a more detailed breakdown of these impacts and their meaning.

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Sarah is interested in connecting with anyone who'd like to learn more or help her to grow her business. She is particularly interested in PR and media opportunities.

Tel: +44 (0)7788 543562