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Our past ventures

Building social ventures.

Following their time with us, Cambridge Social Venture graduates continue to build their social ventures. Below you can read about some of them:

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Africa Technology Business Network

The Africa Technology Business Network (ATBN) is a global network focused on accelerating technology growth and impact in Africa. They work to drive investment into the African technology sector by increasing investor interest and understanding of the market. They connect a global network of Africa-focused innovators and investors to collaborate and exchange knowledge through platforms such as their annual Africa Technology Business Forum.

Learn more about Africa Technology Business Network

Africa Technology Business Network.


AGRIinsight has been designed to be used by everyone involved in sub-Saharan African agribusiness including farmers, farmer associations, processors, inputs providers, NGOs, financial institutions, consultants and investors.

Learn more about AGRIinsight



AmaElla designs and produces beautiful lingerie made from organic materials, such as cotton and bamboo, and ethically manufactured. AmaElla’s wider vision is of a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry.

Learn more about AmaElla


Animorph Digital Worker Co-op

Animorph is immersive media workers’ co-operative specialising in augmented and virtual reality. They collaboratively conceive, develop and deploy applications for both smartphone-based and standalone wearables.

It is a business venture but equally a vehicle for social good. They share the belief that immersive technology will have a profound impact on humanity and they dedicate their efforts to positively influencing this trajectory. They partner with research institutions to solve long-standing medical challenges that could not have been solved with the previously available technology. They want to tap into hidden human potential, minimise cumbersome interactions with the technology in our everyday lives and expose us to what is truly important.

Learn more about Animorph Digital Worker Co-op

Animorph Digital Worker Co-op.

Apricot Centre (CIC) Wellbeing Service for Children and Families

With a focus on high quality local food, wellbeing and creativity the Apricot Centre CIC runs projects, activities, and delivers therapies for children, families, schools and communities in East Anglia and South Devon. We specialise in working with children and families in complex life circumstances, from deprived areas, and young people in care or who have been adopted.

Learn more about Apricot Centre CIC

Aspuna Group

Aspuna Group is the world’s first commodity fair-trading house, committed to generate social returns as well as profits. Initially focusing on Africa and the agricultural markets, Aspuna plans to expand its portfolio to include oil, gas and metals across a range of geographical regions.

Learn more about Aspuna Group

Aspuna Group.

Baobab Circle

Working mainly in Kenya, Baobab Circle supports individuals with chronic illnesses to face their own personal challenges though AfyaPap, a smartphone app and text-message based health education and coaching companion. The app helps people with chronic illness by tracking data and providing tailored daily health advice.

Learn more about Baobab Circle

BeeBee Wraps

BeeBee Wraps are reusable, biodegradable beeswax food wraps that provide a sustainable alternative to plastic. BeeBee Wraps allow your food to breathe and stay fresher than when wrapped in plastic, and with every use, you positively impact on the environment by reducing plastic pollution.

Learn more about BeeBee Wraps

BeeBee Wraps.

Beyond the Classroom Education

Central to Beyond the Classroom Education’s ethos is a deep belief that it is wrong to teach people to hate, and that our future generations need to be empowered to listen, think for themselves and recognise the significance of coexistence. Beyond the Classroom empowers teachers in areas of conflict around the world to encourage a culture of understanding, empathy and meaningful debate on pressing issues, increasing the potential for peace.

Learn more about Beyond the Classroom Education

Beyond the Classroom Education.

BIOS (formerly Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems)

By standardising the interface between an amputated stump and any prosthetic, this social venture aims to diversify the prosthetics available to patients. Converting the limb prosthetics industry to a plug and play model will lower the cost and technical barrier to entry of prosthetics manufacture and provide patients with faster recovery times and greater choice. We believe that this will have huge impacts on the lives of amputees and the cost of medical care, both pre and post amputation.

Learn more about BIOS


Bricks for Autism

The mission of Bricks for Autism is to make high quality LEGO®-based therapy available to children who struggle with social communication through providing training, resources and research. One in a hundred children are affected by autism. Many more struggle with social communication for other reasons. LEGO®-based therapy can support children with social skills, improving their self-esteem and connection with others.

This therapy draws on research from the University of Cambridge Autism Research Centre.

Learn more about Bricks for Autism

Bush Adventures UK

Bush Adventures UK offers adventurous outdoor activities and development using the great outdoors for amazing experiences.

They provide emotional and educational development alongside adventurous outdoor activities for kids, teens and adults, working with the Scouting movement, the Wilderness Foundation, several forest schools and activity companies. They run all sorts of adventure days, first aid courses, stress management and corporate team building using the great outdoors as their tool box.

Bush Adventures UK.

Cambridge Academic Performance

Cambridge Academic Performance offers a fusion of practical academic support and personal development techniques for students. We recognise that academic life is increasingly challenging and that students face enormous demands, both personally and educationally. We help students to manage stress, improve academic performance and develop their confidence.

Learn more about Cambridge Academic Performance

Cambridge Academic Performance.

Cambridge Community Arts

Creative participation has the power to transform individual lives, communities and workplaces. Cambridge Community Arts uses the creative process as a tool to empower individuals by tapping into their own creative resources and improving their mental well-being. This results in stronger and more successful people, communities and workforces.

Learn more about Cambridge Community Arts

Cambridge Community Arts.

Cambridge Hub

Cambridge Hub is transforming students’ involvement with social and environmental challenges in Cambridge and around the world. On a mission to remove the town/gown divide in the city, Cambridge Hub’s vision is of a time when University of Cambridge students are fully embedded into the wider community, with every single student engaging in social and environmental issues during their time in the city.

Learn more about Cambridge Hub

Cambridge Hub.


Cambridgene’s mission is to improve people’s lives through precision medicines, unlocking the power of multi-omics to accelerate and de-risk pharmaceutical research and development. Our advanced research workflows and genetic profiling solutions accelerate the development and delivery of precision medicines.

Learn more about Cambridgene


Career Accelerator

Career Accelerator tackles educational disadvantage in the UK. It is an education business that helps talented 13-17-year-old state school students from diverse backgrounds prepare for careers in the digital sector, working with a portfolio of leading digital firms ranging from fast-growing tech start-ups to some of the world’s biggest digital firms.

It tackles the lack of real world career support in schools through its four-month career programme, providing weekly employer workshops, monthly one-to-one mentorship and arranging meaningful work placements.

Learn more about Career Accelerator

Career Accelerator.

The Centre for Education & Youth (formerly LKMco)

The Centre for Education & Youth is an education and youth ‘think and action tank.’

The Centre works to ensure all young people can make a fulfilling transition to adulthood by conducting research on the root causes of the issues that affect young people and supporting those who have the power to make a difference, to do so more effectively.

As an organisation, the Centre is particularly effective in spotting the big issues that are hiding in full view, and in championing the marginalised young people who are too often forgotten and unheard. They produce high profile reports on topical issues affecting young people that include recommendations for both policy makers and practitioners.

Learn more about the Centre for Education & Youth

The Centre for Education & Youth.

Charity Vouchers

Charity Vouchers sells gift vouchers that are given as a present, like any other gift voucher, except that the recipient donates the value of the voucher to a UK charity of their choice.

Learn more about Charity Vouchers

Charity Vouchers.

Churchill Gowns

Churchill Gowns is a supplier of high-quality graduation regalia to universities and tertiary institutions throughout the UK and Australia. They are seeking to disrupt the graduation market by offering a more sustainable and ethical service with students at its heart.

They provide academic dress that is up to 80 per cent less expensive than traditional suppliers while maintaining focus on their core beliefs: ethical manufacturing, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. All of their graduation gowns are made out of recycled plastic, they participate in carbon offsetting schemes and donate ten per cent of profits to environmental and educational causes.

Learn more about Churchill Gowns

Churchill Gowns.

Citizen Zoo

Promoting rewilding by facilitating citizen-led conservation of native endangered species. Citizen Zoo will provide skills and knowledge training to people and work with local conservation groups who will supply expertise on different species and their conservation needs.

Learn more about Citizen Zoo

Citizen Zoo.

Community Bridges

Community Bridges is a community interest company (CIC) which aims to transform health and social care by empowering individuals to use their community for support.

Currently, the NHS is the first port of call for people’s health and wellbeing, but the NHS can’t keep up with demand. Austerity means that people go to the GP with stress and anxiety associated with food poverty or benefit issues. Resources to address these concerns exist in the community but many are not embedded enough in their local community to know.

Community Bridges want to make it easy for people to access community activities and get to know their neighbours so people can find a diverse range of support which works for them.

Learn more about Community Bridges

Community Bridges.

Compass Lifestyle Medicine

Compass Lifestyle Medicine is a social enterprise aimed at coaching and educating in behaviour change for the prevention, arrest and reversal of chronic disease. In spite of our nation’s wealth and highly developed healthcare system we have an epidemic of chronic disease. Much of this is due to lifestyle factors and therefore avoidable and to an extent reversible.

Compass Lifestyle Medicine’s social mission is to reverse the nation’s epidemic of chronic disease caused by poor lifestyle choices. They seek to offer participants the hope of the body’s capacity for healing through addressing root causes of chronic disease.

Learn more about Compass Lifestyle Medicine

Compass Lifestyle Medicine.

CPSL Mind Training Services

CPSL Mind offers a wide range of mental health related training to public, private and voluntary sector organisations in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. The offer includes chargeable courses to corporate and statutory sector clients to help embed positive mental health in the workplace, and grant-funded training for community and voluntary organisations to upskill their staff and volunteers.

CPSL Mind’s organisational mission is that everyone who faces mental health challenges has equal access to the support they need to recover, and can live a fulfilling life without fear of discrimination. They aim to promote positive mental health and tackle mental health related stigma and discrimination.

Learn more about CPSL Mind Training Services

CPSL Mind Training Services.

Danube Delta Life

The Danube Delta, on the shores of the Black Sea, is an area of huge natural and cultural potential. This social venture aims to generate income through responsible tourism to be reinvested in conservation and community development.

Learn more about Danube Delta Life

Danube Delta Life.


DNAdigest is a non-profit organisation run by a diverse community of individuals passionate about data sharing in genomic research the benefits it can give patients. Collaborations between researches has the potential to remove barriers in genomic research and DNAdigest actively promotes efficient and ethical data sharing throughout the research community.

Learn more about DNAdigest


Doyenne Network (formerly Doyenne Agency)

Doyenne aims to open up freelancing as an alternative to mothers leaving the workforce. Doyenne matches businesses looking for temporary talent with a pool of experts – a pool made up of experienced and qualified women pursuing a better work-life balance.

Founder Harvir Sangha is very passionate about gender equality and after having her first child in 2017, was driven to do something about the hundreds of conversations and horror stories that started to surround her about careers and motherhood.

Learn more about Doyenne Network

Doyenne Network.

The next generation of coders are facing serious challenges due to the lack of focus on computing and software development in the curriculum, especially with regard to the most relevant platform of mobile devices. Outside education the issue remains the same with a choice of either over simplified or off-putting complex development tools.

Learn more about

Family Psychology Mutual

Family Psychology Mutual, a staff-led mutual social enterprise, delivers evidence-based interventions to the families of young people with antisocial behaviour. Such interventions include MST (Multi-Systemic Therapy), an alternative to out of home placement that allows highly challenging young people to remain with their families with intensive in-home family therapy services and 24/7 on-call support. This team, whilst part of Cambridgeshire County Council Children’s Services, brought the practice of MST to the UK and has a strong track record of establishing and sustaining interventions with adolescents. We believe this framework has the potential for wider national rollout.

Learn more about Family Psychology Mutual

Family Psychology Mutual.


FamilyCarersNet is a digital community for over seven million unpaid carers across the UK, whereby they can access support, information, chat with other people and have a place whereby they know there are other people caring for them.

Learn more about FamilyCarersNet


Footprints Café

Footprints Café is a restaurant, bookshop and event space in one. Its mission is to provide a high quality restaurant experience, so as to generate profits to invest in educational programmes in Siem Reap province. Footprints Café strives to achieve this responsibly, sourcing ingredients locally and recycle where possible, and believes in responsible employment and investment in training.

Learn more about Footprints Café

Footprints Café.

Form The Future

Form the Future, a social enterprise operating across Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire and East Cambridgeshire, links schools with local businesses to get young people ready for work. In a fast-growing region like Cambridge, where employers can’t hire fast enough, it’s essential that young people know where the jobs will be and what skills will be most in demand. Form the Future provides schools with a simple way to prepare students for life after school and gives businesses the chance to take part in educational outreach and build a talent pipeline.

Learn more about Form The Future

Form The Future.


GenPol delivers research-based policy proposals, training and consulting services on matters related to gender. It builds knowledge, tools and resources for a fairer, gender-aware approach to education, law and order, business and policy-making.

Learn more about GenPol



Ginibee is on a mission to make jobsharing accessible and accepted as a career strategy. They help organisations to retain talent and develop greater diversity in their talent pipeline by successfully and efficiently implementing jobsharing as a flexible working option.

Learn more about Ginibee



GlobalTravelWallet offers a digital alternative to cash in many of Africa’s most cash-centric economies. They have been successful in bringing Visa, large local financial institutions, government and regulators to support their financial inclusion efforts and create a lasting social impact for the financially excluded.

Learn more about GlobalTravelWallet


Goshawk Communications

Goshawk Communications was established to address a global yet intensely personal need for those with hearing loss to communicate and integrate more fully with society, achieving this by providing a more inclusive, relevant telecoms service and product design that encourages those with hearing loss or needs to engage and use with confidence modern phones, tablets or other communication devices that are essential to our way of life today.

Learn more about Goshawk Communications

Goshawk Communications.

Griffin Occupational Therapy

Griffin Occupational Therapy (GriffinOT) provides online training and therapy programme solutions for parents and teachers. The company’s focus is on sensory processing disorder training and motor skill development programmes for families of, and teachers working with, children with autism or developmental delays. GriffinOT aims to provide schools with a cost-effective way to provide occupational therapy programmes to their children, whilst ensuring that these are implemented correctly and safely. It also aims to ensure that families can access high quality information and learn at their own pace.

Learn more about Griffin Occupational Therapy

Griffin Occupational Therapy.

Harry Specters Chocolates

Harry Specters builds confidence and hope in young people with autism by providing employment and free training whilst enabling them to produce award-winning chocolates. In doing so, this social enterprise aims to be a “great product, great cause” role model for other businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Harry Specters Chocolates

Harry Specters Chocolates.


Healthera is a digital healthcare company building a pioneering suite of software solutions to solve medical non-adherence, streamline and modernise pharmacy, and relieve pressure on public health.

Learn more about Healthera


Hearts Milk Bank

Donor breast milk is used to enhance the chances of survival and long-term health of sick and premature babies who have no access to maternal milk. There is currently a lack of equitable access to donor breast milk across the UK. Hearts Milk Bank aims to provide a consistent source of safe, screened donor breast milk to neonatal units across London and the southeast.

Learn more about Hearts Milk Bank

The Helpful Clinic

The Helpful Clinic is a social enterprise that helps people get back on track.

They help people cope better with everyday life and support people with limiting health conditions by helping them understand how the brain and the body work. They support each person’s health in a way that is tailored to their individual needs and takes into account what they have found helpful in the past.

Learn more about The Helpful Clinic

The Helpful Clinic.

Hyperion Development

Hyperion Development is Africa’s first online course platform enabling aspiring programmers to learn the most desired tech skills, from human tutors, for free. Cambridge Social Ventures believes that the Hyperion model, already delivering huge social impact in southern Africa, has the potential to have significant impact where inequality exists.

Learn more about Hyperion Development

Hyperion Development.

Justice Adda

Justice Adda is a human rights and legal design social venture, which aims to make the law and legal services, accessible, empowering and useful for everyone. Justice Adda provides legal communication expertise through backgrounders, infographics, instruction manuals, animation and web-based multimedia products for organizations that require engaging, succinct and plain-language content.

Learn more about Justice Adda

Justice Adda.

Kalamna (formerly Ahlan! Arabic)

Kalamna provides spoken Arabic language classes for children and adults in Cambridge, and masterclasses to help you set up Arabic classes in your area. Kalamna, meaning ‘our words’ in Arabic, connects children with their Arabic heritage.

Kalamna’s mission is to change perceptions and practices of Arabic language teaching, with a focus on the everyday spoken language, and bringing a social and cultural aspect to the course. Kalamna is a place where families and communities come together to share their passion for Arabic culture and heritage.

Learn more about Kalamna


Kinetic Science

Kinetic Science is a charity which inspires children to consider science and maths as career options. They make learning fun and through their school outreach programmes, take an experience into the school classroom which would not normally be available.

Learn more about Kinetic Science

Kinetic Science.


KisanHub is a big data based one-stop shop, in the form of a data dashboard, that provides all the operational data farmers need to grow more and use less, wherever they are in the world.

Learn more about KisanHub



Konnektis enables collaborative person-centred care older people living independently by integrating the network of professional and informal carers. Konnektis a secure, web-based platform that runs on a dedicated 3G Internet-enabled tablet that stays in the home, becoming the enabling hub for secure real-time collaboration between carers and communication with the older person receiving care.

Learn more about Konnektis


LatchAid is an easy-to-use app which aims to help mums and mums-to-be to learn and improve their breast-feeding latching on skills in the comfort of their own environment and with individualised support to help them to carry on breastfeeding for as long as possible.

LatchAid utilises the state-of-art 3D scanning, motion adaptation, and augmented reality technologies to enable users to create personalised breastfeeding animation using the 3D scanned shapes of their own breast and baby’s face. It helps mums self-diagnose their latching-on attachment and visualise a virtual baby latching on her breast without practising with a real baby.

Learn more about LatchAid

Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus helps new parents who have taken time out to care for their children to stay on the leadership pipeline. Inspiring events and professional development give Parent Leaders access to inspirational models and evidence based practice. Most opportunities are baby inclusive, breaking the paradigm that it is ok to develop professionally while caring for small children.

Learn more about Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus.

Levin Sources

Levin Sources is a consultancy and social venture that moves more minerals through systems where good governance and better business are the norm. For more than seven years, they have been at the forefront of responsible mining and sourcing, with unique expertise in issues surrounding raw materials sustainability and artisanal and small-scale mining.

Levin Sources deploy its assets to find inventive and pragmatic solutions to complex issues in supply chains all over the world. Through their work, the company drives performance in upstream and downstream mineral economies, creating and optimising the operating conditions that make responsible business conduct possible.

Learn more about Levin Sources

Levin Sources.

LIFNano Therapeutics

LIFNano Therapeutics has invented and patented a new approach to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) using nano-technology. Cambridge Social Ventures believes that this medical innovation has the potential to halt the cruel progression of MS in patients around the globe, whilst saving global healthcare providers billions.

Learn more about LIFNano Therapeutics

LIFNano Therapeutics.

The Lily-Jo Project

The Lily-Jo Project is an award-winning online mental health resource, designed to help individuals help themselves, with information, practical top tips, expert advice, stories of hope, recommended resources, blogs, interviews and more.

Learn more about The Lily-Jo Project

The Lily-Jo Project.


mamoq aims to challenge ‘fast fashion’ and ‘throwaway consumerism’ by creating the ultimate online marketplace for the conscious consumer. With an emphasis on knowledge-sharing, mamoq provides a curated selection of innovative brands that challenge the status quo with their commitment to sustainability and ethics.

Learn more about mamoq


Mental Snapp

Mental Snapp is a way to actively manage mental health using our private media diary app. By using the recognised benefits of journaling, rating mood and naming feelings, their users can make space for their mental health, to create change for themselves and to raise their confidence to do so.

Mental Snapp is driven by a mission to change mental health through the power of story. Telling stories has an impact on the audience, it also has an impact on the teller. They want to help people to reconnect with themselves through telling and believing their own stories, to raise their confidence and therefore their life expectations.

Learn more about Mental Snapp

Mental Snapp.


micielo is a micro Mexican company that is committed to the development of textiles within indigenous communities, creating a fusion between traditional manufacturing and ethically-minded, contemporary design. Their focus is on the design and manufacturing of textile and leather handbags.

The social mission from micielo is to have a direct impact, economically and socially in the indigenous communities in southern Mexico. It is very important that the company generates jobs and revives the prehispanic traditions with which the textiles for the handbags are made. They believe that by creating a trustworthy brand in the international markets this will permeate back to the communities and generate a ripple effect for the “made in Mexico” brand.

Learn more about micielo


Ministry of Waste

Ministry of Waste is a social enterprise creating and implementing island waste management models through human-centred design and circular economy approach in Southeast Asia. Ministry of Waste connects polluted and disadvantaged island communities with waste-industry innovators and global leaders of sustainability. This results in less plastic in the ocean, brands acting responsibly and economic opportunities for local communities.

Learn more about Ministry of Waste

Ministry of Waste.

MM Community

MM Community is a platform for crowdsourcing infrastructure bonds in Myanmar. Locals can propose and fund schools, roads and hospitals with 100 per cent government repayment. Once the project is implemented, loan repayments, interest along with project specific perks such as medical vouchers are paid back to the communities.

Learn more about MM Community

MM Community.

Moon Lane Ink

Moon Lane Ink has grown out of Tales on Moon Lane, an award-winning children’s Bookshop in London. Moon Lane Ink extends their focus into secondary education, utilising peer recommendation and student run pop-up bookshop enterprise days to promote business skills and reading for pleasure. They act as a bridge between schools and publishing to develop practical approaches to addressing the need for greater inclusivity in the UK publishing industry.

Learn more about Moon Lane Ink

Moon Lane Ink.


North Herts Emotional Support in Schools Service (NESSie) was setup in response to the ever-increasing numbers of children and young people who in crisis with their mental health and our mission is to work in partnership with outside agencies; families and young people to increase access to effective therapeutic support. With a team of expert therapists and counsellors, promotes positive emotional and mental health in schools through recognition, effective management and early intervention. They offer arts therapies and counselling to children and young people in education and support and training via forums for staff and families.

Learn more about NESSie

New Ground Creations

New Ground Creations is a social enterprise that delivers bespoke leadership and enterprise programmes for organisations working with young people. They focus on introducing young people to leadership, business and employment skills through workshops, masterclasses and coaching. They target 16-30 year olds with the aim to inspire them to LIVE. LIVE is an acronym for Legacy, Innovate, Venture and Educate.

The company believes that by training and supporting the institutions who work with young people, young people will experience holistic support, thus developing their own voice and the life skills they need to live to their full potential.

Learn more about New Ground Creations

New Ground Creations.

Nurture Collective

Nurture Collective is a sustainable and ethical marketplace which brings together a curated collection of beautiful children’s brands for ages 0-12 years. Its aim is to really focus on how through the making, use and reuse of clothing – fashion is one of the largest pollutants in the world – we can minimise our impact on our resources.

The social mission of Nurture Collective is to bring together like-minded ethical brands in one place which can demonstrate a genuine desire to minimise their impact on our natural resources. Ultimately their aim is to create a truly circular economy where waste is minimised.

Learn more about Nurture Collective

Nurture Collective.


Obliquity enables organisations across any sector to improve both sustainability and operating efficiency performance. It does this by engaging people throughout the organisation in the sustainability activities the organisation acts on, through an online customised survey tool. This tool enables everyone throughout the organisation to identify which activities motivate and engage them and which do not.

This can be used to create a sustainability strategy and targets that create maximum impact and engagement. Employees engaged in the what their organisation does, the values it stands for and the impact it has are more productive, less likely to leave and stronger ‘brand ambassadors’. This engagement creates better value for the organisation. Ethical investors can also utilise Obliquity to better understand the businesses they are investing in.

Learn more about Obliquity


The OCD Research Partnership

The OCD Research Partnership is a new medical charity that focuses on developing new and better treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a debilitating mental illness.

Learn more about The OCD Research Partnership

The OCD Research Partnership.

Overstream Clean

Overstream Clean is a professional cleaning and gardening service for business in the Cambridge city centre. It’s unique in that it mainly uses bicycles with GPS trackers: reliability and communication are key to what it offers businesses and organisations. In addition, Overstream Clean provides skills training to people with experience of or at risk of homelessness. Working in partnership with local businesses, housing associations and the council, we aim to be an exemplary model of getting people furthest away from employment back into work.

Learn more about Overstream Clean

Overstream Clean.

Parent Zone

Parent Zone creates solutions to problems created or amplified by the Internet. These problems affect all families but young people who are also vulnerable offline are impacted to a greater degree than their peers. Parent Zone’s events, training, consultancy and publications are sold and/or distributed to families, schools, corporates, social services, the police, and other stakeholders who care about building online resilience in young people. Their customers include Vodafone, Google, Microsoft, Virgin Media and Disney and they have reached into 17,000 schools and all 43 police forces in the country.

Learn more about Parent Zone


Playphysio provides gaming solutions that transform the daily physiotherapy routines of children suffering with respiratory conditions from sources of conflict into fun and engaging experiences.

Learn more about Playphysio


A student-led global health think tank that empowers students of all disciplines and stages to research and contribute to global health policy.

Cambridge Social Ventures believes that Polygeia will improve global healthcare provision by conducting high quality research on externally commissioned and internally generated projects, whilst also enabling students to learn relevant skills in real world situations and preparing some for future employment.

Learn more about Polygeia



Power2inspire believes that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in sport, regardless of body type, age, disability, or ethnicity. So, they have created truly inclusive events, “Power House Games”, delivering adapted sports in schools, organisations, and local community groups, so that everyone can participate in sport.

Learn more about Power2Inspire


Prison Voicemail

Prison Voicemail is an innovative voicemail service facilitating easier communication between prisoners and their families. Research shows that prisoners who are able to maintain contact or build better relationships with family members are less likely to reoffend than those that don’t. Prison Voicemail aims to help strengthen prisoners’ family ties, and in doing so, help prisons to reduce reoffending rates.

Learn more about Prison Voicemail

Prison Voicemail.


Repositive is building a platform that makes genomic data easily discoverable, and is encouraging data sharing and collaborations through nurturing a strong online community. Think of our platform as the go-to-place for finding and accessing relevant genomic research data through privacy-preserving technologies.

Learn more about Repositive


Seek UK

Seek UK believe that refugees should have the opportunity to rebuild happy, stable lives once resettled. Seek is a social enterprise that aims to support refugees into employment through their online job platform. They provide CV help, job-seeking advice and interview practice to ensure that refugees are able to reach their full potential in the UK. For employers, the platform is a great place to find great candidates, improve corporate diversity and fulfil corporate social responsibility objectives.

Learn more about Seek UK

Seek UK.

Sing Out Loud

Sing Out Loud

Sing Out Loud is for men and women of any singing ability to sing melody and harmony together. No-one sings alone!

There are no auditions, singers learn by ear, and there’s no need to read music. It is an inclusive, encouraging, safe, friendly space, for everyone to develop individually, and discover/rediscover their own voice and vocal capabilities.

People often start singing when something is missing from their life, say, after a relationship/family breakdown, or loss, through bereavement. Sing Out Loud provides regular opportunities to socialise, and develop new friendships in each location and through inter-group activities and events.

Learn more about Sing Out Loud

Social Streets

Social Streets is a digital practice that uses digital content skills and digital training to help bring about positive social change. Clients and partners include high street managers, neighbourhood forums, place makers, local authorities and social enterprises.

Learn more about Social Streets

Social Streets.

Sourcing Justice

Sourcing Justice works with businesses to identify and eradicate modern slavery risks in organisations and supply chains and to demonstrate compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act.

One of the UN’s Global Goals is to eradicate human trafficking and other forms of labour exploitation from the global economy by the year 2030. Sourcing Justice works one-on-one with businesses of all sizes who need help understanding their modern slavery risks and learning how to mitigate them.

They conduct modern slavery risk assessments, legal risk assessments, workforce training programmes, and industry specific research projects to help businesses identify and implement their most effective strategies.

Learn more about Sourcing Justice


Thrift+ makes the process of donating your best unwanted clothes more convenient, more rewarding, and more transparent. With the ThriftBox service, you order a box, fill it up and a courier collects. You can then track your items until they sell, and you get 25 per cent back as credit on the Thrift+ store. Thrift+ provides a quality-assured, risk-free place to buy top second-hand brands.

Learn more about Thrift+



Tribalingual is a platform that allows people to learn rare and endangered languages online. Teaching is performed daily through videos, audio and text, with a 30 minute Skype session with your language and cultural teacher once a week. Tribalingual aims to provide a rich and rewarding experience to learners while also helping preserve some of humanity’s most endangered languages. 

Learn more about Tribalingual


Turtle Dove Cambridge

Turtle Dove Cambridge works with young women from across Cambridge. We offer a combination of work experience and youth work support. The work experience comprises of working at a variety of events and usually involves greeting guests, serving food and drink and other activities that are essential to the smooth running of these events. The events range from charity fundraising events to private functions. The young women are referred through organisations such as the County Council and housing providers.

Learn more about Turtle Dove Cambridge

Turtle Dove Cambridge.


unpckd delivers package-free refills and reusables to local doorsteps, offering the convenience of home delivery without the waste of packaging.

With the purpose of keeping the planet alive for generations to come, unpckd’s mission is to reduce the amount of packaging made and consumed in the UK by making waste-free alternatives available for the products we need and use daily, thus reducing the environmental impact of the things we buy.

Focusing on reducing consumption of packaging by offering refill foods and liquids in reusable containers and sustainable, reusable swaps for disposable household items. unpckd offers solutions for leading a less wasteful by: stocking products that are needed & used everyday to have a meaningful and material impact of household waste; and sourcing sustainable products that do not end up as waste themselves.

Learn more about unpckd



Watipa is a social enterprise working to enable equal societies, just development, and equal health for all. Watipa provides ethical consultancy services in public health, human rights, democracy, sustainable development and inclusive social change to a variety of government, non-government and private sector clients. Profits support a youth development programme that provides scholarships and mentorship opportunities to young leaders in developing countries.

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Access to capital is an insurmountable obstacle for the vast majority of smallholder entrepreneurs and farmers in Africa. The reason is related to the lack of any sort of credit history, collateral or business assets.

WEKA is an indirect peer-to-peer investment platform that facilitates investment in smallholder entrepreneurs and farmers by the African diaspora. Through engaging and partnering with agro-dealers, micro-finance institutions and technical facilitators, WEKA is able to channel much needed capital to those that need it most. WEKA believes that it can enable the diaspora to play an active role in African development that goes beyond remittances.

WEKA’s mission is simple: WEKA wants to push beyond the bounds of remittance by harnessing the investment potential of the African diaspora to make a difference in Africa. Through empowering the diaspora and facilitating investment through the peer-to- peer platform, WEKA aspires to become pillar for African development and be at the forefront of tackling financial exclusion for smallholder entrepreneurs and farmers in Africa.

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We Speak

Over 50 per cent of pupils don’t feel confident sharing ideas in class and students from lower income backgrounds are twice as likely to have communication difficulties. We Speak breaks down this barrier. They help 15-19 year-olds with lower speaking confidence find their authentic voice and use it to unlock life opportunities. They want young people to speak comfortably in a range of situations, from participating in class to speaking in a job interview.

We Speak works with schools with a high proportion of students eligible for free school meals, and focuses on those students who have lower speaking confidence. The programme creates a tangible step towards a fairer and more balanced society. They’re working with schools, universities and employers to create a pipeline of young people who can communicate confidently.

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We Speak.

Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? creates high quality, ethically made clothes that come with their life story. Each garment has a code on the label so that the customer can trace their garment’s journey – right back to the cotton farm. We believe that this helps the customer to build a stronger connection to their clothes which will ultimately ensure that they love them more and shop more ethically in the future.

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Where Does It Come From?.

Wild Philanthropy

Wild Philanthropy uses travel to tackle the complex challenges facing Africa’s wilderness. They link travellers, impact investors and philanthropists to deliver sustainable development that protects wildlife, habitats and culture in Africa.

Wild Philanthropy aims to use travel as a tool to drive sustainable development. Their Travel programme generates revenue and connects potential donors with conservation and community initiatives in Africa, while their Invest programme supports local eco-tourism business to generate jobs and support local economies. These businesses also have an important role to play in driving social and environmental impact through the way they interact with communities and wilderness. Their Donate programme connects philanthropy with high impact community and conservation projects.

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Wild Philanthropy.


Worthwhile connects the best career starters with brilliant charities and social enterprises.

They take the pain out of finding motivated career starters with a history of commitment to social action and leadership experience. Worthwhile takes care of recruitment, training and support for entry level and junior manager level candidates.

They support young people to pursue a career in social impact through a graduate scheme, training, recruitment services and our community.

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