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BeeBee Wraps


BeeBee Wraps are reusable, biodegradable beeswax food wraps that provide a sustainable alternative to plastic. BeeBee Wraps allow your food to breathe and stay fresher than when wrapped in plastic, and with every use of BeeBee Wraps you positively impact on the environment by reducing plastic pollution. 


Founder Kath Austin has a background in fundraising and marketing in the third sector working with charities and community groups. Kath is passionate about changing perceptions of what is possible and helping individuals to understand the power they hold in their hands. She has a keen interest in how this can be particularly impactful applied to environmental issues, which has led her to developing BeeBee Wraps.


The BeeBee Wraps mission is two-fold. Ultimately, the aim is to reduce plastic pollution in our natural environment by providing a sustainable, biodegradable solution, which can not only replace plastic but can do it better. 

Further to that BeeBee Wraps’ long term goal is to change perceptions around our environmental impact and develop environmentally-friendly solutions that work as well, if not better, than current options.

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Get in touch

Kath is interested in connecting with businesses, bloggers and influencers who have access to an audience warm to new ideas. BeeBee Wraps is also keen to discuss offers of production space in and around Cambridge, and those interested in joining the production team.

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