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Ginibee graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in July 2015.

Ginibee is on a mission to make jobsharing accessible and accepted as a career strategy. They help organisations to retain talent and develop greater diversity in their talent pipeline by successfully and efficiently implementing jobsharing as a flexible working option. 

The flagship SaaS product uses cloud-based technology to enable progressive organisations to embed jobsharing into their culture, by empowering employees seeking to reduce their working hours to create full-time partnership propositions. It works by building a community of jobsharers and linking them together to create full-time partnership propositions.

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With the economy recovering, stats indicate that last year 56 per cent of open full-time roles were unable to be filled. At the same time, three credible research pieces indicate that a massive 30 per cent of departures are due to work-life balance and with the average cost of replacing an employee at £30,000, this is a significant cost saving opportunity for organsations. In fact, the cost of attrition in the UK in 2013 was £63 billion, in 2016 it was predicted to increase to as much as 49 per cent costing a massive £206 billion. These figures are significant and pose a strong case for companies to invest in new transformational ways to retain their staff that enable a work life balance and in doing so reduce the amount they spend on replacing staff that leave due to work-life balance.

As a standalone or integrated solution, Ginibee’s SaaS offering enables businesses to harness the benefits of jobsharing, without increasing the HR workload. It does this in a number of ways: 

  • Easy sourcing and matching of jobshare partners: our cloud based SaaS platform GinibeeBuzz efficiently automates the matching of internal employees looking to jobshare, using a unique algorithm. 
  • Targeted analytics: offers HR professionals valuable insights into progress and cost savings achieved via the platform. 
  • Training & coaching: our onboarding process ensures that nominated ambassadors are fully trained in jobsharing best practice and how to effectively support job sharers & their managers in setting up successful jobshare arrangements. 
  • Resourcing vacancies as a jobshare: For smaller organisations, or companies that would prefer external support, we also offer full resourcing support to help you fill particular vacancies as a jobshare, and set them up effectively, enabling you to access a new and untapped talent pool.



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Ginibee would like to hear from corporates who are looking to implement HR innovations that will improve retention and diversity. They would also like to hear from Azure consultants, projects and software programmers interested in contract opportunities, along with experienced HR trainers and job sharers interested in supporting the mission.

Tel: +44 (0)7929 953639