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Hearts Milk Bank

Hearts Milk Bank graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in June 2017.

Providing safe donor breastmilk to sick and premature babies.

Donor breast milk  is used to enhance the chances of survival and long-term health of sick and premature babies who have no access to maternal milk. There is currently a lack of equitable access to donor breast milk across the UK. Hearts Milk Bank aims to provide a consistent source of safe, screened donor breast milk to neonatal units across London and the southeast.

They will also establish a first-of-its-kind research biobank to enable novel studies, collaborating with scientists across nutritional analysis, cancer research, microbiomics, perinatal psychiatry and optimal donor milk usage. Surplus revenue will also support local related perinatal services, such as breastfeeding support.

Lead entrepreneurs

Natalie Shenker, Gillian Weaver (St Albans)