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Linguisticator graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in April 2016.

Talkosaurus is the product of a collaboration between Linguisticator, the Autism Research Trust and the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, and aims to teach non-verbal children with autism how to speak. 

Linguisticator is a Cambridge-based company that produces online language and memory courses. Inspired by medieval memory techniques, Dr Aaron Ralby and his team create courses that teach learners how to build a memory palace to remember the grammar of a new language.

The company is behind Macunx VR, a piece of software that means learners can build memory palaces in Virtual Reality. Over 300 per cent funded on Kickstarter, Macunx VR has been featured in Wired, on a Huffington Post blog and on BBC Click. The applications for Macunx VR range from language learning to medical training, and the software also has exciting potential for people on the autism spectrum as well as for people with dyslexia. 

Linguisticator is working in collaboration with the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University to build a course on Macunx VR to help children with autism who cannot speak learn how to produce words and sentences. Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Dr David Greenberg and Dr Aaron Ralby are the main collaborators on the project, and 50 per cent of all profits from sales of the course will go to the Autism Research Trust to fund further cutting-edge research into autism.