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Sing Out Loud


Sing Out Loud welcomes men and women, of any age or singing ability. Those joining as unsure singers, find confidence through singing with others. Group-singing was a family/community, activity, lost to social and geographic mobility – hence the present increase in community singing.

The groups sing melody and harmony, together. No-one sings alone. There are no auditions. Singers learn by ear, and don't need to read music. Sing Out Loud meets for two hours, weekly, during school terms, at two locations in Essex. They are planning additional groups, to offer the known health and social benefits more widely.

Singers may 'catch up' missed sessions or attend the sister group, for additional practice. The repertoire includes folk, songs from musicals, 1960s/70s – contemporary pop, and, singer-songwriter. Groups perform together, usually at fundraising or charitable events.

In this inclusive, safe, friendly space, each singer is encouraged to find their own voice and develop at their own pace.


After a physical breakdown, Karen Hughes experienced friendship and joy through group-singing, in Cambridgeshire.

On returning to Essex, nine and a half years ago, Karen could only find choirs offering classical/choral music. She wished to sing contemporary songs, didn't read music, and was too shy to audition. Therefore, Karen set up Sing Out Loud to offer exactly what she was looking for.

Through singing, her confidence and health improved, and Karen rediscovered her voice. Recently, she has gained adult-teaching qualifications, and certification in singing/vocal-coaching, plus conducting.

Karen teaches, occasionally, but prefers to work on developing the business. With increased stamina, through regular singing, Karen will grow Sing Out Loud into her initial vision, of benefiting the wider community.

Karen trained the current tutor, a performing singer-guitarist, in the Sing Out Loud ethos. As an excellent musician and singer, with a good 'ear', and a superb grasp of theory, he'll offer valuable support, in developing Sing Out Loud.


Sing Out Loud's mission is to offer the health and social benefits they've witnessed amongst past and present singers to a wider population, by working with carefully selected community musicians across the country.

They will enable the musicians to regularly bring Sing Out Loud, to their rural and urban locality, whilst offering them a generous, additional source of income. Music is a vocation, and the earnings boost, achievable through Sing Out Loud, will enhance each musician's financial life.

Sing Out Loud takes unsure singers and improves their confidence by enabling them to sing in community with others. They deliberately keep our groups small, so 'everybody knows your name'. They also continue to offer regular opportunities to socialise and develop new friendships, within each venue and through inter-group activities and events. In this way, they offer varied benefits to our singers who mainly attend, for the pure joy of sharing singing.

Lead entrepreneur

Karen Hughes

Get in touch

Karen requires community musicians as potential group leaders/tutors, with strong music and singing skills. Experienced group-leaders, or willing to learn. Guitar preferred, keyboard acceptable, or, singers/vocalists to work with in-house teaching/backing tracks, and preselected repertoire.

A good 'ear', and ability to sing/demonstrate different vocal parts when leading Sing Out Loud classes/sessions.

Tel: +44 (0)7853 132633