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Sourcing Justice


Sourcing Justice works with businesses to identify and eradicate modern slavery risks in organisations and supply chains and demonstrate compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act.

One of the UN's Global Goals is to eradicate human trafficking and other forms of labour exploitation from the global economy by the year 2030. Sourcing Justice works one-on-one with businesses of all sizes who need help understanding their modern slavery risks and learning how to mitigate them.

They conduct modern slavery risk assessments, legal risk assessments, workforce training programmes, and industry specific research projects to help businesses identify and implement their most effective strategies. They are passionate about fighting labour exploitation and helping businesses take on the challenge of social responsibility and leadership in this important global crisis.


Sourcing Justice was founded by Jennifer Wascak, a US-qualified attorney and MBA with 20 years' experience in the state judicial branch and local government.

After moving to the UK in 2015, Jennifer began applying her legal, policy, and operational leadership expertise to further the research and strategic planning initiatives of human rights charities based in London, India, and Uganda, before forming her own social enterprise to help businesses respond to the transparency requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act.

As a former chief executive, Jennifer has personally led the development of comprehensive ethics/CRS programmes for large organisations. She has 10 years of international experience in workforce management and corporate strategy, including project management, organisational resource allocation, human resource management, workplace culture and change management, and internal and external project evaluation.


Sourcing Justice is committed to the elimination of modern slavery and other forms of labour exploitation from the global economy.

There's an immediate benefit to their business clients whose brands and finances are better protected from the legal and reputational risks associated with modern slavery. And, of course, their intervention will help to protect the victims of modern slavery and those vulnerable to becoming victims of modern slavery in the UK and across the globe.

They carry out our mission by working with businesses to identify their modern slavery risks and help them determine and implement systems-based strategies and best practices that protect workforce human rights and address the root causes of labour exploitation and global inequality.

Lead entrepreneur

Jennifer Wascak

Get in touch

Sourcing Justice is looking to connect with small- to medium-sized businesses interested in learning more about the UK Modern Slavery Act and/or creating and implementing their own anti-slavery program. They are also available for speaking engagements and education/training opportunities to help raise awareness of labour exploitation in our global economy.

Tel: +44 (0)7506 902136