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Tribalingual graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in June 2017.

Saving endangered languages by linking learners with native speakers.


Tribalingual is a platform that allows people to learn rare and endangered languages online. Teaching is performed daily through videos, audio and text, with a 30 minute Skype session with your language and cultural teacher once a week. Tribalingual aims to provide a rich and rewarding experience to learners while also helping preserve some of humanity’s most endangered languages. 


Inky Gibbens is a sociolinguist and language educator, who has previously worked in academia and Edtech startups. Inky is half Mongol/Buryat and her native language Buryat is endangered. This interest in language endangerment and revitalisation inspired her to come to the UK to study this and eventually work towards changing this. 


According to the UN, a language dies every 14 days. When a language dies, so does a culture. Many organisations attempt to solve this by documenting languages. However, the solution for Tribalingual is clear: we can only save languages by getting more people to speak them. The impact of Tribalingual is two-fold - we’re not only saving crucial aspects of human culture but we’re also providing income to teachers of these languages. 

Tribalingual team

Lead entrepreneur

Inky Gibbens (Cambridge)

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If you speak a rare or endangered language, want to learn one, or are passionate about joining the mission to save them, then Inky would love to hear from you!