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ArchaeoLink liaises between archaeological researchers and the communities in which they work to maximise the impact researchers have on these communities. They offer a comprehensive service focusing on public engagement, community outreach, education and visitor experience.

The expert guidance and support which ArchaeoLink provides these stakeholder communities, contributes to the development of skills, knowledge and self-reliance enabling them to leverage the cultural heritage around them to create community-focused benefits that outlast the life of the research project. Through partnerships with researchers, archaeologists, anthropologists, museums and the local community they offer a holistic approach to developing sustainable social, economic and educational benefits for the communities from their archaeology and cultural heritage.


ArchaeoLink's core team is made up of leading experts in the field of archaeology, anthropology, education, community development programmes, education, public involvement in the arts and drama, and tourism. Many, but not all, of the team members are from the University of Cambridge.

This gives ArchaeoLink a pool of expertise to draw on in their mission to better help researchers extend their positive impact in communities where they work.


Communities around archaeological sites have been long overlooked by researchers as anything other than a supply of labour and accommodation. By stimulating knowledge exchange and utilising available expertise, ArchaeoLink aims to facilitate communities to take ownership of their archaeology and cultural heritage, to use it as a resource developing sustainable educational, societal and economic benefits.

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ArchaeoLink is interested in developing collaborative solution-driven partnerships with organisations involved in developing social, educational and economic benefits from cultural heritage research. They are particularly looking for people with skills in marketing and finance.

Tel: +44 (0)7814 644 218