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Based in Accra, Ghana, Benben is a digital land transaction platform that aims to tackle the inefficiencies of land administration to promote investment, reduce poverty and encourage transparent land resource management. Benben leverages Blockchain technology to provide governments, financial institutions, realtors and the general public instant access to property information through an easy to use searchable interface, enabling them to make trusted and secure digital land transactions such as mortgage lodgement, ownership searchs, conveyancing and property payments.


  • Benben’s co-founders Daniel Bloch and Emmanuel Noah graduated from the University of Michigan where they founded the College Cryptocurrency Network.
  • CTO has a Masters in Information Technology from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana) and has over seven years’ experience in the Ghanaian fintech ecosystem.  
  • Benben’s Head of Strategy and Business Development is a graduate of the Imperial College Business School and has seven years’ experience at UBS Wealth Management (Africa Desk).


With a focus on the developing world, Benben envisions ushering in a new age of land administration. Due to the ever increasing pace of development, the interest and need for land as the foundation for these efforts has given birth to an array of new challenges (land fraud, land litigation, increase in trapped capital). However, even as these challenges arise there is also the opportunity to lift up poor communities by allowing them to leverage their land as an economic resource. With a focus on providing citizens, financial institutions and governments access to secure, reliable and trusted land information, Benben seeks to empower citizens with a transparent, risk free and equitable platform for undertaking land transactions and securing their land rights.



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Benben would like to hear from developmental organisations as well as African governmental and financial institutions interested in collaborating with Benben in its scaling and expansion efforts into other markets.

Tel: +233 20 235 2912

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