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Idea connects people with bikes! They are a social marketplace for bike sharing. Their mission is to make bikes easily available and affordable to everyone everywhere. They aim to unlock the assets of unused bikes.

At the core, is a peer-to-peer bike sharing community, like Airbnb for bikes. They provide a platform which makes it easy for anyone to share their bikes with one another. also facilitates the design, setup and operation of smaller bike sharing schemes. These can take many different forms. They help entrepreneurs to operate their own bike sharing schemes with five to 50 strategically placed bikes. For closed communities (universities, companies’ campus) they design, setup and operate bike sharing schemes for their staff and students. aims to be a major player in the move towards sustainable urban transport in the next few years, first locally and later globally. They are currently working on sustainable transport solutions for Oxford and Cambridge and will soon scale to other cities.


Co-founders Agne Milukaite and Peter Ebsen are passionate about using new technologies and ideas to bring about positive, disruptive social change. Agne has a background in migration studies and anthropology and honed her startup skills working for a robotics startup in Berkeley. She is now bringing together her skills and passion to transform sustainable urban transport. Peter is a lawyer by training and has devoted his career to provide greener investment opportunities to preserve our planet. He has experience with growing an environmental startup through an IPO and an eventual sale to J.P. Morgan. Before joining, Peter assisted European investors with financing environmental projects in China.

Impact believes the bicycle is the next great disruptor in urban mobility. Amsterdam and Copenhagen today offer a glimpse at the future of urban mobility everywhere, with a majority of short trips in urban areas being made on bikes. This will be great for the environment, health and happiness!

New technologies and ideas are disrupting the way people use cars. aims to disrupt the way people use bikes, by providing people easy access to bicycles, which ultimately will lead to many more bicycle journeys. Their impact will be measured in several areas: the environment, urban mobility, sharing economy. will enable bicycles to be used much more efficiently. At the moment, commuters on average use their bikes for 44 minutes per day. By creating a community of bike sharers, these bikes can be used more efficiently: by giving access to the unused bikes to colleagues who need to cycle to a meeting across town or a tourist who wishes to cycle only for a couple of hours. Besides short-term bike sharing, there are plenty of people who have access to bicycles that they don’t use every day. These bikes that are currently standing in the sheds, can be used as transport by other riders who don’t have access to a bicycle.

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Lead entrepreneurs

Agne Milukaite and Peter Ebsen

Get in touch would love to hear from potential collaborators, volunteers, and anyone excited about bringing bike sharing ahead. They also welcome all opportunities for media coverage and speaking engagements.

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