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Experience Something Different

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Experience Something Different develops, designs and delivers real-world field trips for young people. Their curriculum-driven educational excursions support UNESCO’s Education for Sustainable Development goals.

Immersive real-world school trips encourage a broader understanding of why the practice of sustainability is essential. The Experience Something Different team demonstrate that positive change is possible and aim to empower students to work their way towards a more sustainable future.

Experience Something Different focuses on three areas: climate, curriculum and career. Their trips introduce students to the people, businesses and organisations at the heart of sustainable change. They create a unique opportunity for young people to engage with business, charities and government leaders personally; to question; to learn from and to challenge the people working towards a more sustainable future.


Experience Something Different is a non-profit initiative lead by Lewis Jenkins, former Management Consultant and Global Head of Programs at leading worldwide apprenticeship provider, The Intern Group.


By 2050, with a global population of 10 billion, global warming, finite resources, and our succession to technology, the world will be unrecognisable. The game has changed. So must our approach to work.

The United Nations has lain out a framework of goals to address these problems, head on, by 2030.

Experience Something Different is the practical application of UNESCO’S Education in Sustainable Development initiative: a concept born from the charity sector, proven in the world of startups and delivered by innovators in education.

Experience Something Different launched in 2017 with a guiding light of using shared stories as a force for good. Since then they have established a model of curriculum-driven, targeted learning, outside the classroom for the young leaders of the future.

Experience Something Different believe that dialogue and collaboration between young people and socially responsible business can help meet the challenges of climate change head on.

Experience Something Different believe that to create good employees, good students and good custodians of the earth we must start by restoring young people’s faith in our capacity for change.

Experience Something Different believe that through empathy, fairness and collaboration the world can become a more efficient, cleaner and kinder place.