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Mindz is the world’s first mindfulness app that uses realtime feedback to help people master the most important meditation skill: mindful breathing.

Originally developed to teach young people mindfulness within an NHS setting, Mindz has been described as 'FitBit for meditation' (only, instead of tracking runs with distance and time, it tracks meditation with mindful breaths). It empowers people of all ages, from all walks of life, to discover mindfulness for themselves.

Mindz delivers measurably better mindfulness than existing apps, like Headspace, Calm and Buddhify, by providing psychological questionnaires and objective measurements (based on feedback captured by motion guided technology) of users' attention and breathing rates during meditation.

Currently available on iPhones (coming to Android phones soon), Mindz comprises:

  • a free eight week personalisable meditation training programme powered by MindfulBreather® Technology
  • the MindfulSleeper®: a sleep training programme that helps users to build effective bedtime routines
  • a series of quick meditations.


Mindz was founded and is led by Dr Tom Mole, MB CHB BSc (Hons) MRCPsych, a medical doctor and meditation neuroscientist with an interest in global health based at the University of Cambridge.

The initial idea for Mindz came after Dr Tom spent months working around the clock in the emergency department as a newly qualified doctor, whilst continuing to practise and study meditation techniques and traditions when not on call.

Going on to specialise in young people’s psychiatry, Dr Tom became aware of the whole range of human experience and the positive impact that early intervention makes to people’s wellbeing. He wanted to develop interventions that were ‘cool’, that worked and that made a difference to people’s lives. As a meditation neuroscientist, he knew of a growing number of meditation apps that were available to both the medical community and the general public. None allowed users to monitor their meditation sessions and, though high-profile professionals delivered many, some had no formal healthcare training and none were supported by feedback questionnaires. Feeling strongly that 21st century global health deserved better, Dr Tom set about making it happen!


Mindz provides an affordable intervention and toolkit for the mind that everyone can access. It is quality assured by leading health professionals. Quietly launched in September 2017, it is already helping people take over 15,000 mindful breaths and live more in the moment.

Although a strong ‘for profit’ mindfulness industry is alive and kicking, Dr Tom chose to establish Mindz as a social enterprise, driven by the desire to keep his original vision of social justice and a health equaliser alive.

With smart and sustainable social impact goals currently under development, Mindz aims to drive affordable, significant, measurable, improvements to people’s well being. Whilst its initial development focussed on teaching evidence-based psychological skills (mindfulness) to young people, it has the potential to be adopted by a wider target audience. Private individuals across age ranges, as well as people accessing it via providers of healthcare, coaching, therapeutic and personal development solutions – will all see significant improvements to their state of health and happiness.

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Lead entrepreneur

Dr Tom Mole

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Mindz would like to connect with anyone who is interested in using the app. They are also seeking to build a panel of experts from the fields of neuroscience, data visualization, psychology, technology and global health to guide ongoing development.