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OPOP (One Plate One Price) is a canteen that serves fast, fresh, tasty, healthy, home-style food in a lively atmosphere at an affordable price. It will be a place for people to connect over food and conversation, the hub of the community, occupying a role much like that of the pub in the past. Their first location opened in Devon in July 2021 and they aim to open more across the UK.

At OPOP the menu will change on a daily basis, it will be determined by seasonal availability and it will showcase the flavours enjoyed in the homes of our diverse and culture- rich country. The dishes will be the dishes of ALL our grandmothers, reminiscing about a time when food brought us all together.


OPOP is the brainchild of teenage sweethearts, Ian and Carly who met at school in 1995 during their school’s production of Grease. In 2005 they built The Café in the Park which had a reputation for serving great food at an accessible price to the community. The Café in the Park waved the flag for sustainability from day one and became one of the fifty founder members of The Sustainable Restaurant Association. They sold the business in April 2019 and moved to Devon to live the dream.

Carly was always driven by the belief that sustainable restaurants are not only good for the planet but also good for business. Backing this up was Ian’s ability and knowledge as a Chartered Accountant to apply big business thinking to their single site restaurant. Together they brought a level of professionalism and technological change that helped guide their restaurant on its journey to profitability.


The sharing of food plays an essential role in our society. OPOP’s mission is to harness the power that food has to connect people and drive change to wealth and food related health inequality across communities.

Wealth inequality will be addressed through a people before profit approach and the delivery of a ‘how to’ blueprint through OPOP’s Hospitality Academy. OPOP will model the gold standard in hospitality employment.

Through serving food that is delicious yet also nutritious and modelling a good relationship with food, a healthy eating message can be delivered in a sociable setting rather than a clinical one. Add to this a commitment to accessible pricing, OPOP can address food related health inequality issues in every community it serves.

As an industry that employs over 8% of the UK workforce and with restaurants on every high street, the impact potential on both wealth and food related health equality is significant.

One Plate One Price.

Lead entrepreneur

Ian and Carly

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OPOP are looking for at least one more non-executive director who may, but not necessarily, bring experience in areas around property, replication and social impact investment. The priority is to find people who identify with the project and believe they can bring value to it.

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