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Seed Lab

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Seed Lab makes delicious, nutritious and sustainable food and drinks from seeds. Their first product is a seed-based snack food and they are currently developing a seed-based plant milk. Their mission is to help people make better choices for their body and the planet by offering plant-based, nutritious, protein-packed and gluten-free products to fuel people’s days.

They do this by providing nutritious and sustainably made products powered by seeds as well as educating people on the benefits of seeds and seed-based products. Seed Lab will also educate consumers on how to make healthier and more sustainable life choices.


Seed Lab is led by two co-founders and entrepreneurs, Linn Larsson and Alex Gibber.

Linn is a best-selling cookbook author with six years’ experience at Facebook. After ten years of making seed crisps for family and friends and plenty of guests asking for the secret recipe, she decided to offer these Seed Crisps to the world. She went to a few markets across London and the positive feedback gave her the confidence to approach independent shops, who stocked her products immediately!

In order to scale up and bring her Seed Crisps and more to the world, Linn went on the search for a business partner.

Alex has four years of experience at a top consulting firm specialising in strategy and operations. Prior to this Alex completed his masters, winning a prize in entrepreneurship for a social venture. Feeling slightly unfulfilled and missing his time working on social enterprises, he decided to look for opportunities to start a business with a social and environmental purpose. Through this process, Alex and Linn met and Seed Lab was born.


Seed Lab’s mission is to help people make better choices for their body and the planet by providing nutritious and sustainably made products made of seeds. More and more people are opting for plant-based alternatives for different reasons. However, there are many products on the market that are either bad for your body or bad for the planet. Seed Lab’s aim is to show people the power of seeds and to educate people on the benefits of good plant-based foods.

In doing this, they hope to give lots of people healthy snack options which reduce their environmental impact, by selling only plant-based products and using only natural ingredients when possible.

Seed Lab.

Lead Entrepreneur

Linn Larsson and Alex Gibber

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Seed Lab is looking for anyone who shares their view that tasty food can be healthy for our bodies and our planet. They are also looking for people who can help share their views and products with the world, especially potential investors, retail or ecommerce partners.

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