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The Centre for Education & Youth

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The Centre for Education & Youth (formerly LKMco) is an education and youth ‘think and action tank.’

The Centre works to ensure all young people can make a fulfilling transition to adulthood by conducting research on the root causes of the issues that affect young people and supporting those who have the power to make a difference, to do so more effectively.

As an organisation, the Centre is particularly effective in spotting the big issues that are hiding in full view, and in championing the marginalised young people who are too often forgotten and unheard. The Centre produces high profile reports on topical issues affecting young people that include recommendations for both policy makers and practitioners.


The Centre was established by Director Loic Menzies in 2009. Loic’s passion for helping all young people to access a fulfilling life began during his time as a youth worker. He then went on to work as a teacher and senior leader in a challenging London school, before establishing the Centre to channel this expertise into improving policy and practice through the many domains that impact on young people’s life chances. He has since led dozens of projects that have shaped the work of government, charities, schools and corporate foundations.

Alongside Loic, the team is led by Deputy Director Anna Trethewey, and Director of Research, Dr Sam Baars. The full team is comprised of nine members of staff who contribute a unique range of teaching, academic and government experience.


The Centre wants to see a world in which society ensures all young people make a fulfilling transition to adulthood.

This doesn’t just involve schools. Families, youth organisations and various different branches of public policy all need to work together to equip young people to shape their own futures.

The Centre works to ensure that more policy makers and practitioners are committed to this goal and that they can then access the support and evidence they need to make our vision a reality.

The Centre for Education and Youth.

Lead entrepreneur

Loic Menzies

Get in touch

Loic and the team would like to hear from organisations working with young people that want to become more evidence and research informed, or looking to support high-quality, rapid-response research that tackles the big issues facing marginalised young people.

They’re also keen to hear from journalists looking for expert comment and potential new team members.

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