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St Peter, Yaxley


Buildings and artefacts

Grade I listed building; Medieval rood screen; two upstairs rooms; Crèche; arts and crafts wooden pews; kitchen and facilities; paintings; remains of wall paintings; wooden box (previously containing the heart of William de Yaxley, Abbot of Thorney); Medieval brass and an effigy; memorial ledger stones; belfry with six bells.

Congregation to population ratio



Ad-hoc fundraising campaigns; grants and donations; overseas church

Income generation

Regular giving; annual Strawberry Tea; annual plant sale; rentals.


Website; Facebook pages; Instagram account; YouTube channel; weekly e-newsletter; monthly prayer diaries and monthly news (available in paper version, but primarily electronic); WhatsApp groups; TV and pull-down screens in the church; fence banner; noticeboards.

Community engagement

Community Sunday; Community Care Programme; Yaxley Food Bank; Winter Night Shelter; Sparks; Mothers’ Union; youth group; Encounter group; signed services for the deaf; impaired senses group; bible studies group; Green Day; Strawberry Tea; concerts; beer and carols at local public house; Christmas fair; bell ringing team; church and community building in Rwanda.

Church category





43 Church Street, Yaxley, Peterborough PE7 3LH