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Scott B. Guernsey

Scott Guernsey

Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance (CCFin) and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF)

BA, MBA, BS (University of New Mexico), PhD (University of Oklahoma)

Professional experience

Dr Guernsey is a member of the Cambridge Centre for Finance (CCFin).

Awards & honours

  • Best Paper of the Conference - AEFIN Award, Finance Forum, 2018
  • Cleo B. Clemons Murney Foundation Scholarship, University of Oklahoma, 2015-2017
  • James & Jeannie Dodson Scholarship, University of Oklahoma, 2015-2016
  • American Finance Association Travel Grant, University of Oklahoma, 2016
  • National Science Foundation MCTP Award, University of New Mexico, 2013-2014
  • New Mexico Lottery Scholarship, University of New Mexico, 2007-2010
  • New Mexico Bridge-to-Success Scholarship, University of New Mexico, 2006

Research interests

Corporate governance; innovation; competition; law and finance; capital structure; privatisation.

Scott B. Guernsey is a member of the Finance subject group.

Selected publications

Cao, W., Guernsey, S.B. and Linn, S.C. (2018) "Evidence of infinite and finite jump processes in commodity futures prices: crude oil and natural gas." Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 502: 629-641 (DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2018.03.007)

Guernsey, S.B. and Megginson, W.L. (2017) "Who's winning the big match? Surveying state versus private ownerships effect on corporate value and policy." In: Gup, B.E. (ed.) The most important concepts in finance. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp.93-135 (DOI: 10.4337/9781786431134.00011)

Contact details

Scott B. Guernsey
Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG

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