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Financial Times: Women working in financial education


The biggest challenge as a woman in Finance is the small representation of women in general in the industry. I approached the problems in two ways: firstly, I built a network of female mentors and peers; the relative scarcity of women means that those approached tend to be very responsive and helpful. Secondly, while solid performance on the job is the baseline for professional acceptance and respect, I didn’t worry about admittance into the more elusive ‘boy’s club’. Instead, I found building rapport while exchanging views on work, the arts, food, and current events works well in drawing ‘the boys’ out of the ‘club’ and onto common ground.

The Financial Times asked top female finance professors about the biggest challenges they’ve faced as a woman working in finance. Cambridge Judge Business School’s Dr Jenny Chu, University Lecturer in Accounting, is one of the academics sharing their experiences.