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Brand building programme for Cambridge Judge Business School

An exciting two-day Executive Education programme at Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) tackles one of the most important topics in business today – building a brand.

Headed by Dr Eden Yin, University Senior Lecturer in Marketing at CJBS, it’s aimed at commercial brand managers who deal with brands on a daily basis as well as NGOs and not-for-profit organisations.

A strong brand essentially is a strong identity of an organisation. It serves as a signal of quality. When a customer chooses commodities and products today they have tremendous options.

A strong brand will signal to the consumer that it represents the best quality in the market place so it helps the customer to make the choice.”

Dr Yin adds that a strong brand indicates a quality product so it is essential that a high quality product is ready at the start of efforts to build a brand.

A lot of people misunderstand brand building as just communication and really miss the point.”

Topics covered in the programme by Dr Yin and leading guest speakers include the strategic brand management process, the creation of a strong brand, positioning, communicating the brand, leveraging the value of brands and dealing with brand crises.

The ‘Creating Winning Brands’ programme takes place this year on 28-29 November, and will be repeated in 2014 on 27-28 November.