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Vote for Cambridge four in Global Startup Battle


Four new entrepreneur teams from the latest Accelerate Cambridge start-up weekend need your help as they compete in the biggest competition for new ventures – the Global Startup Battle

Vote for Cambridge fourThe conquerors last year were Accelerate start-up and this year four more fledgling Cambridge teams are hoping to make it to the top. The Water Peer, MyBox, Gift Gaming and BrightSlide teams who emerged from the 23-24 November Accelerate weekend need votes, and lots of them, to get closer to the Global Startup crown.

  • Water Peer wants to help people do more with water. The Cambridge student team describe themselves as “a water efficiency company focused on customer engagement and behaviour modification. We provide water utilities and their customers with in-home water data and efficiency advice.”
  • MyBox is passionate about inboxes and helping control them. It brings all your inboxes into one to help you easily search, find, and share your messages from Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email and many more.
  • Gift Gaming aims to “make gamers LOVE brands”. Their alternative to current in-game advertising methods, allows advertisers to give in-game gifts to players and game developers to monetise gamers who do not make in-app purchases. This is less intrusive to the player’s gaming experience and creates a positive brand association.
  • BrightSlide has PowerPoint in their sights. Their expert-created PowerPoint slides enable professionals to create compelling presentations in just minutes.

The Global Startup Battle draws in 20,000 participants from start-up weekends held in 200 cities across the world – all competing for a share of the $500k funding up for grabs. This is the 4th annual contest set up by the Kauffman Foundation, which promotes educational achievement and entrepreneurial success.

Last year’s Global Startup Battle winner was Accelerate Cambridge startup They went on to win a trip to Silicon Valley to present their idea. has since won some funding from Accelerate Cambridge and continues to develop its concept – the world’s first search engine for socio-economic data.

You can help our home-grown start-ups by voting for all four and share the links with your networks.